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FS: Bespoke Dipole Ribbon Super Tweeters with built-in cross-overs

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Item: Bespoke Dipole Ribbon Super Tweeters
Location: Brisbane
Price: $280 plus postage (for $10 I will ship express to anywhere in Australia) or pick-up in Brisbane
Item Condition: Very good overall.  The boxes and tweeters are in excellent condition. The labels on the X-over switches have faded a bit in the Brisbane climate
Reason for selling:   I've moved on to a more expensive pair of ribbon super tweeters
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:  These are made in the UK, and have 3-way toggle switches for adjusting sensitivity and cross-over frequency.  92 db, 88 db, and 90 db are available for sensitivity. The second toggle switch brings the super tweeters in at 14 kHz, 18 kHz, or 16 kHz.  The Frequency Response on the label states that the frequency range is "15 kHz to 50 kHz" but I understand that this is a misprint and the range is 5 kHz to 50 kHz.  In any case you really wouldn't want to bring them in lower than 14 kHz which the the built-in cross-over allows for.  Enclosures are finished in carbon fibre.  These are very nice and super-sweet at opening up the sound.  With their built in X-over options they are a great way to get to understand what super-tweeters can do in a system without needing to understand how capacitors or resistors work in a x-over, or spending a lot of money.  They lived in my system for several years - matched with full-range drivers that extend to 17 kHz - and they were only taken out when I was offered a higher quality, but much more expensive, pair at a price that was hard to knock back. 








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