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Vast 4121 Remotes interchangeable?

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I have 2 x VAST 4121 boxes, however, one has a fault with the HDMI out not working now...it is connected by the composite cables.

The faulty one is used as a PVR, has the special PVR remote, and is attached to a powered hard drive.


Can I use the pvr remote and HDD on the other VAST box?


I seem to remember many moons ago, when I got the pvr remote as an extra, it had to be paired or something with the box.


I no longer have that packaging, so am unsure of whether this can be done or not?


Anyone know the procedure?

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    • By nbound
      Just a heads up to those that have somehow missed the various announcements regarding this; a 10.7Ghz LO LNB is required to access the SBS services from today.
      Your other services will be unaffected, and all that is required is to swap over a small part mounted on the dish and change a setting on your VAST box.
      Get in touch with your local installer