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Q-Acoustics Concept 500 Speakers and Moon 240i Amp

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Hi Gibbo,

Thank you for the post. It's very interesting, especially what you say about the Moon 240i! 


When you say the Moon 240i sounds similar to your new tube amp (but with less tube flavor), do you mean that only the Moon 240i vs your DAC+preamp+VTA M-125? If so, it's impressive!


Can you tell us what preamp and DAC are you using with the VTA M-125? Is it a SS preamp? Is it a Delta-Sigma DAC?


On the other hand, I've got tempted by the devil again!! :-)   I bought the Line Magnetic LM-508IA (valve integrated amplifier) as I read rave opinions on different forums about it and the LM amps and I bought it directly from a chinese official dealer at less than half the price published in Europe and USA (with upgraded WE replica valves included). I will receive it in two or three of weeks and I will let you know my impressions. People say its a music monster... we'll see! I'm very ansious!  :-)





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Hi Pedro

That Line Magnetic looks like quite a beast - 48 Watts of pure Class A if I read correctly.  Looking forward to hearing about it when it turns up.

I have been pick and mixing between different components.  Stand alone DAC / Pre-Amp is Marantz HD-DAC1 which (as far as I understand) uses the Cirrus CS4398 chipset which I believe is Delta Sigma, and analogue volume through motorised Alps pot.  Moon 240i DAC stage is Sabre ES9010K2.

All perform well with the Q-Acoustics and I find quite close in sound quality (clarity, sound stage etc.).  Moon DAC and power stage is the leanest at the bottom end, but that mainly seems to be the DAC stage.  The Marantz through either the Moon power stage or M-125's has better bottom end, with a small edge to the M-125's with the KT120's.

I keep eyeing off the Benchmark DAC3, but that may need to wait a while.

The Q-Acoustics continue to be an easy load to drive and happy with any competent front end.


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Hi Gibbo

Thanks for the reply. I've got the picture.


Yes, the Line Magnetic LM-508IA is 48W pure class A single ended. It's not just the power, but the reviews talk about a incredibly dinamics and soundstage. I think it has the power and sweetness together. We'll see. I can´t wait to hear it!


On the other hand, have you tried any Ladder DAC? Like Schiit or Audio-GD. I have the Audio-GD R2R-2 and it's very very nice. It has an analog sound (if you can call it that way), dinamics, a "LOT" of detail, etc. It sounds beautifully. Before this DAC I had the SMSL M8 wich has 9018 Sabre chip and, even considering the price difference and that I liked the M8 (its a very nice budget DAC), the sound of it was much more digital (again if you can call it that way) and thin (less full bodied). I would suggest you to try one Ladder DAC, if you can borrow one.


Finally. The LM-508 has a preamp input and I'm thinking on buying (latter on) a preamp. I'm leaning towards the Audio-GD C2 preamp that matches perfectly with my DAC and it's a completely bargain, like all of the Audio-GD stuff. I'll think about it.


Of course I think we can say all of this because the C500 are incredibly transparent and show everything your gear is doing! These are the keepers!


We'll stay in touch. Regards,

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