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The Ashes Cricket on 9 HD picture quality

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Well the summer of cricket started today on Ch9 HD and it began with a pretty good bitrate of around 5 mbps mpeg4 on the HD channel in melbourne.

By the end of the day they had wound it back to around 4.2mbps mpeg4 which was quite visibly blocky by the last session of the day.


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2 minutes ago, Slattery said:


By the end of the day they had wound it back to around 4.2mbps




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Probably because the viewer numbers had dropped off and they had to give the bitrate back to their other channels...

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Gotcha.  So cricket wasn’t the only game being played...

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    • By trevorlong
      Curious if anyone knows/has this experience.
      Two callers today on my radio show noted issues with fast forwarding on recordings on their PVR on the new 9HD Mpeg-4 channel.
      Curious if anyone knows if this is DRM related, is fast forwarding something that MPEG-4 broadcasting can prevent?
      Or is this more likely a case of PVRs getting confused by the recorded content and failing to FF when requested?
      I have NFI!
    • By audiohobbs
      So I went a little crazy and decided to go and watch some cricket. In India. In December. Since I have a good (enough for me) camera - the EOS 700D with a Canon 15-85 lens as my main use and a 70-300 long one, I was wondering whether to go for a little extra focal length. Cricket is a game played at distance, of course, so I was wondering if an extender is a good way to go.
      I believe the 1.4x extender drops the f-stop by 1; the 2x by 2, I assume? I kind of figure that as long as it is not monsoon the light in India will not be a problem and the Canon is pretty good at higher ISO anyway, so the loss of a stop or two should be neither here nor there. Or maybe you know differently?
      Quality - there is always a price to pay. Anyone used them and found extenders to really lower IQ? (Obviously not mine, it is difficult getting that much lower). Would I be better off buying a longer lens and leaving the 70-300 at home?
      Any hints, advice on pros or cons or general thoughts gratefully received.
    • By Jone5y
      Don't think there's a thread here for this series yet.
      Aussies off to a good start, Lyth gone and Ballance looking ordinary early. could be interesting if Starc ever makes them play at one. Pitch is a concern, there should never be balls bouncing twice before the keeper in the first over...
    • By ThirdDrawerDown
      I've given up on test cricket. 
      Which means I've now given up on all forms of the game.  20-20 I saw for 10 minutes and it looked like rounders.  The one day stuff faded when the rigging of the draw so that Australia never played double-headers became patently obvious.
      Over the past decades Australia has perfected the yap yap yap that goes on out in the middle.  
      Let's call it for what it is - vilification.  
      If it was simply banter than the broadcasters would allow it to be broadcast and the Test XI would be moonlighting as comedians on the back of the free national exposure.
      Instead, when the broadcasters tried a live microphone behind the stumps, they axed the live feed almost immediately, it was so horrible and demeaning.
      It also gives credence to that racist joke, unfortunately: "Two guys dressed in white in the middle of a park.  How do you tell which one's the Australian?" "The one who's lips are moving."
      Let me know when the game gets beyond this rubbish and apologetics.
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