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Massdrop Sennheiser HD6XX Are Back

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Mm, I was/am surprised the HD6XX are sounding this good! My earlier HD650s were not like this, similar in some ways, but not this articulate. Maybe it's the much better amp and DAC :) Still, not even the slightest trace of "midrange veil"  or lumpy bass. 

The Mogami cable is significantly more communicative, they don't make the purest microphone cables for nothing and it shows in the superbly even clarity from top to bottom. Same goes for this cable when it's used with the HD540 Ref1s. I'm enjoying it so much the stock cable isn't getting a look in tonight. Music flows. Riveted as opposed to just listening. 

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On 22/03/2018 at 10:17 PM, Mike13 said:

Thanks @Lightstream. My HD800S is a fair way away so I may try upgrade the 6XX. I’m surprised a cable can make that much difference for a headphone. 

It certainly can do, not always for the better, but in this case, again with the Mogami, it most definitely has and does. The soundstage fills, extends and smooths, as if the frequency range has been stretched a little flatter from each end. The stock cable is also good and works well with my HD540 Ref1s too, though for the most intimate and utterly immersive experience, the Mogami takes it easily. My skull and the capsules just seem to disappear and have almost no effect on the soundfield. All other headphones are like I'm wearing  .. well, headphones! Always a little something in the way of total immersion. The Ref1s have always been like that for me, even in their stock form for many years, they're just so much better now. The HD6XX respond well to the Mogami 'effect' and noticeably move more towards that total immersion without quite getting there. Not yet, anyway and I suspect they never will to the degree the Ref1s do.  

Still, I'm really enjoying the HD6XX after a full day and a half of running in. Lots of detail and really good focus, taut and crisp without being forward like so many other 'fast' cans. A little tight around the head, without being uncomfortable, they're certainly secure. Bass deepens with the Mogami and soundstage expands further, the stock cable is narrower in it's field of view, so to speak. You could say it's a step back to be more left brained observational, as opposed to the full on subjective experience, where the fine details are there but it's the point-source like coherence of the Ref1s that I get lost in. Both are great, so I have the best of both worlds. The body also knows the difference immediately! With the Ref1s I'm aware that only after a while I discover my whole body has been moving, tapping, swaying to the music, momentarily shifted from a reverie of only the music existing. With the HD6XX, I am hearing more subtle details of instrument tone, the sound of the wires rattling under the skin of the snare, a plectrum sliding off a taut steel guitar string ... drawn to the creation of the music while enjoying the rhythm, listening, more than pure feeling. The Ref1s are the other way around, pure feeling and alive communication. It's not a totally exclusive thing though, last night Lucinda Williams' voice was absolutely riveting and alive with the HD6XX! Sublime. Great cans, stunning value at $279! 








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Well I’m tempted to try this cable

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