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Item: Active loudspeaker Kt
Location:Freight $20-00 Australia Wide
Price: 750
Item Condition:New
Reason for selling:Surplus
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:



BEYMA Speaker Drivers – Woofer, Midrange, Horn Tweeter
Introduction: As you probably know I founded the Richter speaker company and designed several very successful ranges of speakers before branching into active subwoofers and then into a separate company (SubSonic) which specialized in subwoofers plus a large floorstander with active subs built in.  This kit is  for a three way active system. Once you have heard a great active system, you will never ever be able to go back to a passive loudspeaker.


This system is dynamic, low in distortion and has super wide dispersion. Scroll to below the pictures for the complete story......

I’m no longer involved in the industryDSC_1118.thumb.jpg.cd9593643da0f48964c9f627d344d9f8.jpgDSC_1116.thumb.jpg.0997212ad4070048a9349fbb59c66d63.jpgDSC_1115.thumb.jpg.bb9fdcda36f106e1a6ec7b33ba61ebbf.jpg

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    Item: Active loudspeaker Kt
    Location:Freight $20-00 Australia Wide

DSC_1114.thumb.jpg.9dec4aab421027ff43e8376c114a8f66.jpgDSC_1113.thumb.jpg.954d72945ec648c10a5fc5dd887e5a7c.jpg5993b419ae1da_Bfrresponse.thumb.png.e1fa278c80a57b214e00b467415d4f7e.pngDSC_1112.thumb.jpg.efe172524ae3696fc9927ec13b36a522.jpg5993b3f6a763f_ScreenShot2017-08-13at11_22_48AM.png.9a66231da7a2e63788f368ac65b58f52.png5993b3c442410_midsmth.png.03baddf60d1047d566cd8b7e36c133dd.pngDSC_1117.thumb.jpg.fe4cb0e08f8dc7cea65f5b2b70fbb93b.jpg5993b12d86aba_212SMALLTHIELE.png.9726c62e2cc83383985c8f6ad00fe7e5.png5993b1615b165_ScreenShot2017-08-13at11_17_54AM.png.230e9ff29d14fa0d98a360ef640415b1.png5993b12a1e344_212DRAWINGS.png.476b61c73492bc1cf76ad7e71eb33297.png5993b127bdc70_212KEYFEATURES.png.6234d51d59056c79e1a973d850bad270.png5993b117df975_5CXFRESPONSE.thumb.png.5406a623ce4a72afb81363d532c1727a.png5993b1211979d_5CXKEYFEATURES.thumb.png.fe6b0c115cd050bbe3b08974869b71df.pngbut maintain a close interest. Some of you may have read the Speakers Corner pages at


Spinnergeoff’s blog www.homeentertainment.com.au which I wrote and he edited – it’s all about the pros and cons of various speaker designs. Lots of info there for the hifi enthusiast and/or budding builder. In this blog you will find that I talk about several characteristics which are valued in hifi gear generally, and speakers in particular.


Accuracy (although this is sometimes over-stressed), Frequency Range, and Efficiency. The one which will give you goosebumps and make you feel you are there, that the performance is live and kicking, is (on top of those mentioned) Dynamics. Low distortion is ensured since each driver is operating only within a strict bandwidth and protected with 24db/octave crossovers. No nasty passive components in the crossover!


Wide sound field is perhaps the most underestimated aspect of any loudspeaker and this system has a sound stage around double a typical passive system. The five inch midrange is a key to wide dispersion. It covers the critical midrange and gives incredible dispersion.. The horn tweeter then takes over and goes right out to 20k.

It will come as no surprise to most of you that speakers range upwards in price to the sky, and that the better-performing ones cost thousands, not hundreds of dollars. So how would you like to cut out the middle-men and build a pair of speakers that will perform like $10,000 ones, for $1250-plus amplification.


The electronics (drivers and crossover) should cost only about $1000, while the cost of the cabinet will depend on the materials used. The stronger the better for this crew. You may like to use a separate subwoofer.
This project will allow you to achieve a studio loudspeaker in the same tradition as Klipsch La Scala, EV, JBL or Tannoy. That’s true Hi Fi quality plus high spl's. Perfect for a nightclub, sound studio or to enjoy concert dynamics at home. It starts with the purchase of these unused Beyma drivers for just $750, which would otherwise cost much more – see below, probably about $1250.


You will need three stereo amplifiers but the good news is that almost any amp is OK, as the load on the amplifier is vastly simplified when there is no passive crossover. For example, I have used a really cheap D class amp from Ebay on the tweeter section and it sounds great.

I suggest around ten watts for the tweeter, around 35-50 watts for the midrange and perhaps 100 watts for the bass driver . Any amp up to 500 watts is fine for the bottom end. YOu should be able to pick up some suitable amplification for not much money.


Another alternaive is to pick up a AV receiver and use the different channels to amplify the speakers. One 7 channel amplifier will cover the lot.. This is a very simple and economic way to go.


  These drivers are 2ea of: 

1. High efficiency Beyma 96db/watt woofer rated at 350watts continuous Rolled cloth surround. Cast frame. Vented pole piece. 
2. Beyma Midrange unit to match with cast frame, underhung neodymium magnet system 
3. Beyma Horn tweeter with radial flare giving 70 degree dispersion  
Not just high performance, but long-lasting. All units should be fine for a fifty year life span, at least. 

The project will require a dbx electronic crossover ...https://www.storedj.com.au//dbx-234xs-stereo-2-3-way-mono-4-way-crossover?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqIKa2cLO1wIVGQ4rCh18PA0vEAQYASABEgKggvD_BwE around the $330-00 mark.


 It will compare favourably with speakers costing ten times this amount. It will not match the $75k Krix Heretix system, but hey for the price you will get more than your fair share of quality sound.

The woofer is mounted in a 100l box and the system will give a true 39Hz at around 94db/watt. Up to a  500 watt/ch amp can be used quite safely, as these drivers are pretty much bullet proof! 
The dbx cuts off  frequencies below 40 Hz and sums them to a stand alone subwoofer ( not included in this project). 39H is actually far lower than most commercial hi fi speakers.  The Wizard only achieved 48Hz for example and it was an immensely popular loudspeaker.


The 24db crossover allows precise control of the crossover points and reduces distortion drastically as the drivers never actually receive a signal which is stressing the driver. 
NO passive crossover components (inductors, capacitors, rsistors) mean that the transient response is perfect and the control is perfect. 
You will find these components available elesewherevfor $330 for the midranges and around $170-00 for the woofers. Add the freight on top and you get a $1250 bill, so this price reflects a very substantial saving and the concept has been thought through carefully by me...for whatever value you put on that! I can help you with a general strategy in relation to design of bass and midrange enclosures. 


Ralph Waters


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