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ralph waters

Audio Authority Comparator - Access 902/903

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Item: Audio Authority Comparator - Access
Price: $1600
Item Condition: Most modules entirely unused and new. Some have been used for a few months. Replacement cost is near six K...so it really is a very keen price.
Reason for selling:surplus
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info:

This is an excellent comparator that uses a computer system at its core. A system bus communicates with the various modules and tells them what to do.

Hi I am Ralph Waters founder of Richter Acoustics and I purchased this comparator from Geoff Forgie of The Music Room in Canberra. Geoff had only installed it for a short period of time when he closed the shop. So it has had very little use and 90% of the modules are brand spanking new and still in their original wrapping. I then stored it away thinking" someday this will be really useful". That day has not yet arrived and I am thinking that someone should benefit from this gear rather than be sitting in my lab in a box.


It will compare inputs such as CD,DVD, preamplifiers, amplifiers and surround sound amplifiers. and of course loudspeakers. It will even switch six high current car head units....the system is still totally supported by Audio Authority.

An add on module allows you to allow equal loudness listening for loudspeakers if you require. This module is not included ..I am just advising that it is advisable if you really need it.


If you are interested I can give you a complete list of all the modules, but everything in the photos is included including a high current power supply. There are enough modules to set up an entire hi fi shop...It weighs about 15Kg all up I think... I can freight to you anywhere in Australia for this price!


see 903_sh_902-903-manual_752288_2000-9.pdf


















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