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Formerly in Audio, yet now building 4,000,000Watt RMS Amplifiers!

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Hi everyone!

I'm Michael Fragomeni, and operated Sounds Xplosive Audio out of Perth for about 20 years
My mothballed website still exists: www.SoundsXplosive.com  :-D

Transitioning from car audio and hi-fi several years ago, I'm working on our 612km/h World-Record-Seeking Solar-SuperCharged ELECTRIC Race Car under the moniker Top EV Racing
More info at www.TopEVRacing.com

Funnily enough the power engineering behind Electric Vehicles is not much different to that of audio systems
Motor Controllers/Inverters are the same topology as audio bandwidth amplifiers

Mains Audio: Power Supplies -> Amplifiers -> Speakers
Car Audio: Batteries -> Amplifiers -> Speakers
EV: Batteries -> Inverters -> Motors

Speakers and Motors are both electromagnetic, we just turn shafts and wheels now, instead of pumping speaker cones to rarefact and compress air!  :-P
40kWRMS was my largest engineered audio build - Now it's 4MWRMS to drive our custom motor assembly!  Might even power an array of subwoofers with it one day!

Follow us on Facebook if you like: www.facebook.com/TopEVRacing

I do still have my complete tooling and products from my Sounds Xplosive days in storage, and may offer some of the nice components to good homes over time

Thank you for having me pop up in this community again after so many years of an idle account!

Sincerely, Michael Fragomeni

20111113 - DD-ZT Amplifiers in SXAUDIO Ferrari F430F1 Coupe (1) (Custom).jpg

Top EV Racing - Arc'd Up on the Track.jpg

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Welcome Michael, great to see you over here!

I've been following your TopEV project and it's amazing to watch.


Guys - Michael is a very talented individual that likes to thing big and even a little crazy? :)


He represented Australian in Car Audio (SPL) at the world championships a couple of decades ago (and how they did that is a story in itself), and then he built the world's LOUDEST wheelbarrow (yes!).


These days he's quite obviously into the Electric Vehicle performance arena and well versed in the tech of it all.


Glad to hear from you Michael.

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