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Marantz AV receiver boat anchor or repair

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Recently returned from OS... when i turned on AV system my 2008 Marantz SR6001 receiver was not working. (The kids know nothing of course)

Stand-by light is on but display is out and no audio output.

I've done the "multi + AB speakers" button press reset thing... but to no avail.

Opened case and can see that (unsurprisingly) the fuse is still intact.

No obvious bloated caps or burned circuitry in the few visible areas i can easily access.

Is it worth trying to have this repaired ?....i'm guessing its going to cost at least $500 to fix it IF its just a blown resistor or cap, and lots more if its something more major.

Thats about all i would like to spend on it given its age too.

Anyone know of a good repairer here in Brisbane that can work on multi channel receivers.?

Better still ...anyone have a similar issue with a Marantz receiver?


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about 10 years old, so probably time to move on.


but check with a full factory reset just incase something or other been twigged, otherwise be left guessing what to do.



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Yeah i kinda think it may have had its day,but its hard to just dump a faithful old bit of gear without at least looking into it a little.I owe it that.

Its such a beautifully solid constructed bit of gear too.

Surely it can possibly be just a small component failure that the right tech could find...just gotta find the right tech .

I did a reset according to the manual but i dont know if there is any further resets that can be done

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