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Beginner NAS advice needed

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I just use an old WD Hub with internal 1TB running Ethernet back to the modem and also plugged another 1TB hard drive into the USB port in the modem. You can them map them as network drives in windows (i use 10 but have done it in 7 onwards also). No problem with accessing any of these drives from my LG tv, my two Panasonic BDP or my yamaha network amp. It has been stable for 4 years now but I do back up occasionally 

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    • By generichs
      Item: Synology DS214play NAS
      Location:  Melbourne
      Price: $90.00
      Item Condition:  Good
      Reason for selling:  No longer required
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only
      Extra Info:  Does not include HDD.  NAS 3TB HDD is around $150.  RRP for similar NAS is $419.00.   
      No original packaging held, therefore I don't think this is suitable for posting.  Suitable for pick up only.  
      The front has a plastic fascia which I have not pictured.  Two bays.  

    • By dreamz
      Circumstances change, I am in need of some money, the only i thing I can think of selling and get the sort of amount I am in need is to sell my Audio gears thats been less used in house.
      Two months old paradigm studio 100V5 - Rosenut
      Five months old Jamo S608 HCS10_SUB660 home theater package - Dark Apple. (its a 5.1 pack comes with 12" SUB happy to split if I find buyers for other stuffs.) Surrounds are not used yet, so still on the plastic wrap.
      Ultracube 12V1. bought it as secondhand so dont know how old exaclty, previous owner said 3 years
      Yamaha RXV1071 Receiver bought from JBHIFI - 6 months old.
      Pioneer VSX920 Receiver - 2 years Old which i might keep as not expecting any good offers on it
      Netgear Ready NAS 4bay with 4*1TB drives - NAS is 3 months old, drives are more older, dont know the exactly. NAS comes with my Bluray rip(720P and 1080P) Movie collection, almost full (Selling because i got a hp micro server with full movies)
      Harmoney 1100i Remote - 3 months old
      Everything in good condition as I well looked after my stuffs.
      Only selling the ultracube12 and yamaha receiver if I can find a buyer for the above speakers. So thats the last priority.
      Dont know how much I can get for these, but i thought put it here first instead of listing it on ebay first and get an idea about the price. Will only accept serious offers, please no stupid offers. Will sell it if I got a good offer soon or else will keep it and find other ways to make the necessary finance.
      I got the boxes for both everything, but need to look for the receipts as I moved house recently and dont know where did i kept those. I am sure I can find those. Everything bought locally and i am located in Melbourne, but happy to post it anywhere on buyers expense or drop it of if the buyer is in Melbourne as I got an SUV. PM me.
    • Guest
      By Guest
      Okay time to jump on board and get myself a NAS, had a good chat with Matt today and he said Synology is pretty good, just wanting to start simple with maybe something that with take a couple of drives up to 6 to 8tb.......
      will use the Oppo as my media player and just looking for something simplistic that I can copy my BR's to and playback without hassle along with some music about the only other thing it will be used for is to store some RAW photo images, no TV and I pretty much don't use the torrent sites.........
      look forward to some suggestions please but once again let's use the K.I.S.S. theory..........
    • By Tivoli Hi-Fi
      Item: Trade In Bluesound Vault Gen 1 in Black 
      Location: Tivoli Hi-Fi 155 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123
      Price: $750 Including Shipping anywhere in Australia
      Item Condition: Trade in item in good condition. We don't have the original box, but can be shipped safely. 
      Payment Method: Direct Deposit, Paypal, Cash - Pickup in store, Credit Card including AMEX with no fees or penalties.
      Extra Info:  2TB CD Ripper that can rip your CD's as FLAC, WAV or MP3 (if you so desire) and Storage Unit that can playback files up to 24/192 and MQA files as well. Bluesound offer Tidal MQA in app as well. Can be plugged directly into an amplifier using RCA outputs or connected to a DAC via Optical output. The Vault will need a hardwire ethernet cable from your router. This is a deadset bargain, the Vault Gen 2 is $2200! This Gen 1 can be yours for $750! Unit is in excellent condition and comes with 3 month warranty. Unit will ship with latest software on board.
      PM Tivoli Hi-Fi staff member @jimsan after hours for prompt response.

    • By Demondes
      Item: Lacie 5Big Pro NAS 
      Location: Richmond, Victoria
      Price: $220 (including 2 x 3TB HDD) or with all 5 HDD ( 2 x 3TB and 3 x 4TB drives in device $420).   Note: HDD are not new
      Item Condition: condition is in excellent condition, and is 2.5-3 years old
      Reason for selling: no longer required as i have 2 Synology NAS
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
      This is a very well finished product from the hardware side, and is much quieter than the Synology NAS products.  Where Lacie is let down is on the software GUI.  But if you don't need to run lots of applications on the NAS but just store files then this is for you.  Or for a second copy of your files.
      It has 5 3.5" drive bays 
      It has 2 x ethernet port, Multiple USB.  Lacie USB key for rebuild.   No box
      Note the drive has been often switched off, when on it is in power save mode, with disks turning off
      Product support page  http://www.lacie.com/as/en/support/network-storage/5big-nas-pro/