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FS: 4-Way DIY Dipole (or components) inc. RAAL Dipole Tweeter

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Item: 4-way Dipole w/ MiniDSP Crossover (RAAL Dipole 140-15D AM, Scan-speak 12MU/8731T00, Tone-tubby TT12AR8, Pyle-pro PDW21250, MiniDSP 10x10 Hd in a box)
Location: Lugarno, NSW
Price: See below
Item Condition: Used. One of the Scan-speak's has been dropped, the rim of the chassis cracked and was repaired with araldite; works and measures perfectly. One of the RAAL ribbons has some minor creasing; works and measures perfectly. All other items in good condition.
Reason for selling: No space, happy wife happy life.
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal
Extra Info:

Selling this system with great regret, but it's gathering dust. Having designed high-end loudspeakers professionally for many years, I created this constant-directivity dipole system from the ground up from the very best components available.


  • The RAAL dipole tweeters include amorphous core, a 20uF for protection, and the addition of felt to improve the directivity match to the mid-range.
  • The tweeters and 4" midrange are suspended from a frame, avoiding baffle resonances.
  • The 12" mid-bass' are mounted on a small baffle (18mm ply) to increase low-frequency extension.
  • The 21" woofers are mounted in H-frame cabinets (18mm ply) to increase low-frequency extension.
  • The MiniDSP includes all crossover and equalisation settings. However, no amplifiers are included, so 8-channels of amplification and some gain adjustment will be required. I drove the tweeters/mids with 180W/ch and mid-bass'/woofers with 350W/ch pro-audio power amps (already sold).


Sale price for entire system including drivers, frames, baffles, cabinets, DSP w/ original settings: $3,200

Separate pricing

Tweeters: $1,300 for pair

Mids: $400 for pair

Mid-bass': $600 for pair incl. baffle

Woofers: $800 for pair incl. baffle

MiniDSP: $400



Full set of pictures available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bxe4AS9uFccUekZnZE1JcnlNb3c?usp=sharing


4-way dipole.jpg


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Just wondering if the Raal tweeters are still available?

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12 hours ago, Johnk said:

Just wondering if the Raal tweeters are still available?

Hi John,


Yes they are still available; as mentioned in the above post, one of the ribbons has some superficial creasing on it. Are you in Sydney? PM me for more details if interested.




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