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SOLD: FS: Linn Sondek LP12, black plinth

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Item: Linn Sondek LP12, black plinth (incl. cross member) - completely flat - part of reconstructed Linn - see other listings for Mose Hercules (near new), top plate (original), Majik, Near new armband  original smoked lid, 
Location: Camberwell Vic
Price: $250, if sold with near new motor (already fitted and adjusted) and Top Plate (re-tensioned), $450; plus PayPal and shipping
Item Condition: Used, plinth good condition, few nicks and scratches - tried to show in photos.
Reason for selling: Currently being Upgraded Linn by Peter Swain of Cymbiosis - Chris Harbin Woodsong Plinth, Radikal, Krystal, Kore, Trampolin, etc.


Please see my other listings for: Linn LP12 Black Plinth, Linn Original Smoked Lid, with Hinges, Ortofon 2m Black cartridge, Linn Majik Sub-Chassis, Linn Top Plate, near new Linn Motor, Mose Hercules LP12 power supply.

IMG_0481.thumb.JPG.2993c7d4a952e08bf10c4dc733dd5492.JPGIMG_0554.thumb.JPG.5058d12381ef142e630cc33fe5bea51d.JPGIMG_8125.thumb.JPG.de49fe23deec63de66b19a5a0e904123.JPGIMG_4021.thumb.JPG.bef9458faa42590ad081d0c78b0874a4.JPGIMG_4854.thumb.JPG.a356cd2fa448a3678d420d0f973a019a.JPGIMG_6836.thumb.JPG.588bdc701015b7fd2291fb5bdae6175e.JPGTiger Paw Khan top Plate and Tranquility Base
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
Extra Info: Preference given to buyer for the lot!





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Removed incorrect picture, now FS. Adjusted price.

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May I ask is the plinth original I can't see any label behind the plinth n the black colour original too ?if is all original I'm interested to buy .

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I’ve had Peter Swain from Cymbiosis (who is staying at my place and has upgraded my Linn) give it the once over and he assures me that it is an original H Linn Plinth - I am the original owner and I can attest to this as well. It was professionally spray painted some 20+ years ago - you could easily have it resprayed.


Did you want the top plate included? If so, I will get Peter to retention it, as it “rings” a little at the moment.


Original base board is included.





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