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Recommendations for CNC routing, ideally Adelaide or post?

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3 axis. Ive got the parts to make the 4th axis but not had time to set it up. The moving gantry (the Y and Z axis) has 2 sets of bolt holes (a high and a lowish) so I can get more room under it for doing larger 3D stuff but Ive not had any great need to bother with that yet.

Z travel (up and down) is about 180mm. With the "high" holes used I could get about 350mm diameter spinning on a 4th axis.

You can do 3d stuff on a 3 axis machine without the 4th axis by simply double siding the part (pegged for alignment/zero), the 4th axis just means you don't have to and it also allows undercuts.

The more axis you have the cooler the stuff you can make :)

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Free afternoon so I thought Id cut everything but the fronts...
That looks familiar!! :D I can't wait for the drivers to arrive!

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I'm looking forward to the drivers as well. They're going to be good little speakers.


@scumbag Yes cool stuff like that. I could do those but my machines not super fast so would take ages. I did talk to the guy making (not sure his name) and offered to do the internal bits that are just squares but nothing came of it...  

Im in the process of building a new one which will be at least 6x faster. Ive learnt a lot about how they work and the issues so will be much better.

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