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Found this yesterday amongst SBS On Demand's movies. Set in 1941 during the siege of, another true (?) story about amazing people with huge hearts doing things we would find totally inconcevable. Loved it, highly recommended. 

ps If I've placed this wrongly moderators, please amend. 


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Hi Russ, what was the name of the program/film?  Was it a doco or film of a historical event?


The seige of Leningrad was terrible event, the Nazis were determined to wipe it off the map and starve the population out of existence and literally tear the place down.  Sounds like an interesting piece you've seen.


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Hi Milo, it's called 'Leningrad'. Use the search (red) button on the SBS On Demand page. 

It's a story of complex people from both sides caught up in that terrible event so you get a feel for the event from different angles (yeah, yeah, done before, but very effectively here). Therefore it's a film of the event.

If the final scene doesn't rip your heart out you don't have one. :ohmy:

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I thought it started off well, but towards the end it went downhill. Felt like it turned into a Russian propaganda film with the unrealistic battle scene really detracting from the true horrific reality of what happened.


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