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Kenwood kp-9010 tonearm lift

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For repairs and advice there is a guy in Mittagong ( Willowvale actually) who knows these really well,

he is alwayssellling Japanese direct drives on eBay, 

his eBay name is directdrive or similar


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Davros59- THANK YOU for this thread!  I have a KP-1100 with a similar issue. We were able to dampen the travel externally at the solenoid "paddle" but I was unaware of the damper shaft under the solenoid. What viscosity of oil did you end up using? I have 50k RC oil here but I think Vaseline is thicker (update-it seems so-I found where it is 64k viscosity)... I know I can get up to 300k oil. I ordered 100k and 125k from Amazon here as they were just a few dollars. I would rather take it back apart and fix it at the source if the thicker oil fixed your problem. Please advise and thank you again for the information!

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I have 2 of these KD decks (why are people using kp?). Never had a problem with the arm lift mech. and my first KD was very badly packed for shipping from Germany and arrived with one corner of the plinth smashed, I negotiated a price drop down to £120 - it still played perfectly.


It's worth checking out posts on Vinyl Engine, particularly those by Hugo. The bearing assembly is something else - a rod of special steel alloy which is rifled and sits on a huge nut which is highly polished as is the rod. The tolerance between the rod and the steel tube in  which it is situated is so tight that, any tighter and it would seize up, this is demonstrated by how hard it is to remove the rod to clean off the old Slick 50 oil and apply a new coating - don't use grease. Do not 'adjust' this nut , it is factory set. The life of the bearing assembly can truly be said to be 'indeterminate' what a difference to the totally inferior archaic likes of Garrard et al.


The silent operation of a lot of Japanese superdecks like the KDs is down to the bearing assemblies and the type of motors used. 


Kenwood employed top flight engineers - the PCB is really easy to remove, very little desoldering is nec. to achieve this. the TX is connected by 3 wires which are fixed to steel rods on the PCB  mechanically (very old school this), on reassembly it is impossible to use this method and the wires must be soldered.


I am about to replace all the electrolytic caps on both decks. I'm using Panasonic FC caps, cost about £4 per deck.


The arm is so well designed and set-up is a doddle. I would not describe the arm as high mass but medium. By changing the aluminium slab of a headshell it is easy to reduce the arm mass to suit modern cartridges or something like the Pickering 7500S LOMM.


Why anyone would want to spend serious money on any of the modern decks is beyond me - your paying for technically inferior eye candy. Non of them has the really useful arm lift at end-of-side or motor turn-off. 


If I had known that Kenwood were going to scrap the tooling and production facilities for these decks at the end of the 80s, the scrap price would have been negligable and to re-introduce these decks now would mean a huge backlog of orders and very healthy profit margins.


Good examples go for around €800 and that includes a superb gimbal arm - a steal at the price.

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19 hours ago, Southerly said:

I have 2 of these KD decks (why are people using kp?).



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Kenwood obviously used different designations in different markets, in the northern hemisphere it was KD.  Goatboy - very accurate description by Bill Hicks, definitely deserves a like that.

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