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FS: Yamaha NS-20 speakers + Saba greencones (Perth)

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Item: Yamaha NS-20 with Saba Greencones
Location: Perth
Price: $750
Item Condition: Vintage restored
Reason for selling: Too big
Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank transfer 
Extra Info:

These speakers are 49 years old with some of the most unusual bass driver ever created. I restored the wallnut frame, grill cover and caps in the crossover. I also replaced the aluminium tweeter that died after so many years. They sounded nice but a bit too mellow for my liking. So I used my old Saba Greencone drivers (ca. 60 years old) to take it to another level. Now they sound great.


Please note the area of the bass driver is an equivalent of 22" circle. Sensitivity is over 100dB. The speaker is effectively an open baffle with bass firing backwards so it can't be placed against the wall. I found a distance of about 50cm to give the best results.


This is extremely reluctant sale but I simply can't take these speakers to where I am going. Hope to find a vintage gear lover who can take care of them.


The original alnico drivers in the wooden frame are included so they can be swapped in 10mins if required.


Pickup only due to size.









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Welcome back to the HiFi World Marek!

I tried to buy these drivers off Marek twice and twice he changed his mind at the last minute.

Now I see the final result of the project.


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