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PC vs. PS4 Pro only for gaming

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5 hours ago, Dylan86.exe said:

I'm the opposite. I hate open world games. They're so big and take forever to finish anything. I don't have the time for it. Give me a story i can enjoy (like a movie):)

Were all different, with differen't fits.


Variety is the spice of gaming ;)

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Ah, got Lost Alpha sorted, the latest bug was in the stupid user :lol:


Budget ati card so just lowered graphics to medium and lifted resolution to 1920/1200 and now not crashing.


Edit: seems the default settings were at times calling on capabilities the budget card couldn't do, the bug on startup after install was different.


Edit again: Damn it! was a small patch I had forgotten taking it from v1.4000 to 1.4002, so had to start a new game, but is looking adn behaving better for it. Now to chow down on some tinned Rat Pie before the next mission :ohmy:

Edit: Loving it now, no crashes and I am progressing. Have a stalker suit that I have upgraded with oxygen tanks and plate armour, upgraded my Viper5 and default pistol too. Have one good (all +) artefact on my belt as well. But It's 2.30am in game and I tried to head to the next mission but It's friggin dark and mutants out in higher numbers! Will have to sit it out till light. The stealth mission earlier was interesting, stood on a sleeping enemy grunt's head while trying to get out a window and nearly woke him up...oops! wrong window :lol:

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