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SOLD: FS: Luxman 5L15 integrated amp and 5C50 pre-amp

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Item: Luxman 5L15 integrated amp and 5C50 pre-amp
Location: Melbourne
Price: $799
Item Condition: Excellent condition considering it's age
Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Bank Transfer
Extra Info: A somewhat rare piece from the 1970's, especially here in Australia. Everything is still in working order without any damage or markings.




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Looks great. Can you please send through a photo of the front of the preamp? I'd like to see what controls it has.




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Hey @Highwaystar, forgive the image quality. This should cover what you need.


Kind regards,



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      At a fraction of the original purchase price, the BP 1.5 phono stage delivers extraordinary low-distortion, wide bandwidth amplification to your record collection.
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      Item: Pro-Ject Tube Box II Phono (pre_amp)
      Location: Sydney (Bexley)
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      Item Condition: Used
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      Extra Info: I've had this phono for at least three years. It has great bass response and soundstage. It was only recently replaced by the Graham Slee Reflex M. I have to admit there's not much between them and I'm not sure that I won't regret selling this.

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      Hi Everyone
      In the next 4-5 weeks I will be releasing Holton Audio's first pre-amplifier.
      It will be the first of three pre-amps that I am planning for 2018.
      It will be a fully balanced high bandwidth ultra low THD+N topology preamp capable of accepting XLR as well as RCA inputs 3 selectable inputs in total and Balanced XLR and RCA outputs.
      The balanced and unbalanced outputs are fully buffered, this means the XLR and RCA outputs can be driven concurrently or all at the same time.
      The volume control will be a Gold Point 24 position stepped attentuator; manual control only on this unit.
      RCA Monitoring buffered loop outputs and HT Bypass capable on the 3rd selectable input.
      12v trigger output to remotely control power on/off on the Holton power amplifiers.
      All coupling input and output capacitors will be audio grade Metalised polypropylene or MKP
      The chassis for the preamp will be fully CNC machined anodised 10mm front and back panels;
      To match the current range of Holton power amplifiers, such as the Holton Five-Zero-Zero power amplifier
      Expected dimensions will be 400mm Wide x 80mm High x 350mm Deep and approximate net weight 6kg
      Some progress photos of the new pre-amp will be posted soon.
      Please register your interest by clicking on the Follow button.
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      Item:  NAIM hi-fi components and cables:
      NAC 122x (pre-amp)  NAP 150x (power-amp) Flatcap 2x (power supply) 2 x SNAIC interconnect cables Nordost Blue Heaven RCA  to DIN interconnect
      Location: Brisbane  
      Price: $3900 price drop to $2600
      Item Condition:Very good 
      Reason for selling: Upgraded system
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, 
      Extra Info: Also included original manuals and remote (unused) 
      The 122x /150x/ Flatcap 2x combination engineered by NAIM to separate the power supply from the signal and achieve the highest synergies between each component to deliver impressive depth, detail and soundstage. This synergy is recognised in many great reviews:  
      "The NAC 122x and NAP 150x are delightfully communicative and musically sympathetic devices. They revel in delving into the most complex of music and laying out its various strands such that they instantly come together and make sense. Give them an easier task, such as a simple guitar and voice playing 4/4, and they simply sail through, dishing out resolution and insight by the shovel-full"
      "But this accuracy of timing, lack of artifice, and musical communication are not the only areas in which the Naim gear excels. It can also recreate a broad and fairly deep soundstage with supremely tight focus..........upgrading to the FLATCAP2x is the proverbial nobrainer. Whether you purchase it initially or as the budget allows what you’ll get is a feeling of greater weight and solidity, a somewhat meatier presentation, greater dynamic ease, and some subtle and notso- subtle improvements to everything I’ve described so far."
      "Because the very reasons I prefer tubes to solid state, emotional involvement with the music, purity of tone, and a sense of real musicians performing music. The Naim system did, and in some instances, did better than my reference system."
      Five Stars