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Cardas Audio, Golden Reference, 2.5m Speaker Cables with Banana Plugs Price: $3750 DISCOUNTED MUST GO NOW $2950

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Cardas Audio, Golden Reference, 2.5m Speaker Cables with Banana Plugs



Cardas’s closest cable to these now is the Clear Reference with a RRP $4799, how ever the Golden Reference have a unrivaled sonic signature consisting of deep bass response, a liquid warm midrange and an expansive sound stage


Comes with Cardas Certificate of Authentication and Cardas Limited Lifetime Manufactures Warranty.


Golden Reference Speaker


Until the introduction of Clear, Golden Reference was the top-performing speaker cable, bringing the warmth of Golden Cross (the previous top speaker cable), with the addition of more fine detail.


Technical Specifications:

.702" O.D., PFA & air dielectric. Pure Copper Litz conductors.


Termination Options:

1/4" (6mm), pure copper, rhodium/silver plated spades are standard. 9mm spades, bananas, and Maggy pins also available.


Location: The Audio Experts, 03 9545 5152, 2065, Dandenong Road, Clayton, Vic 3168




Item Condition: Customer Trade In, As good as new but have been run in already, Comes with Cardas Certificate of Authentication and Cardas Limited Lifetime Manufactures Warranty, Item can be demonstrated before purchase if desired located in Clayton.


Payment Method: Cash, Bank Deposit, Eftpos or Paypal


Extra Info: These Speaker Cables are fitted with Banana Plugs.


Delivery:  Pickup available in Clayton, Postage available at buyers expense, please contact us for a price if you require delivery we have all original packing for this item.



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