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SOLD: Musical Fidelity NuVista Preamplifier

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Item: Musical Fidelity NuVista Preamplifier
Location: Len Wallis Audio HQ - 64 Burns bay Road, Lane Cove NSW

Price: $1200
Item Condition: Very good
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, PayPal
Extra Info:  Launched in 1995. The NuVista Pre-Amplifier was a limited production unit with only 500 made worldwide. Musical Fidelity claimed that it sold out within 3 months. This particular example is number 24 of 500.
Those familiar with Musical Fidelity will know that this pre-amp used the unique 'NuVista' tube – some say ‘the missing link tech’ that was part tube, part transistor and superior to both. This one also provides five line level inputs, which are all gold plated. 

In excellent working order, this power supply and pre-amp is a rare find...





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@LWA Staff does this come with original box and manual, remote ?

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Hi al, we have the remote, the manual is downloadable, but we don't have the original carton. 

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    • By balk2117
      Item: ME 25 Preamplifier with MM phono stage and Remote
      Location: Sydney 2050
      Price:  $850 plus shipping
      Item Condition: Used
      Reason for selling: Far too may preamps
      Payment Method: Pickup or Shipping - Cash, Paypal.
      Extra Info:  Purchased from Trevor at Rage Audio 3 years ago with a full upgrade.  A magnificent sounding preamp including an MM phono stage and working remote control.  If you are concerned about aesthetics rather than sound quality then this preamp is not for you.  Using the phono stage at the moment with the new Audio-Technica VM760SLC and it sounds fantastic.
      Happy to audition for serious purchaser.  Will donate to SNA on sale.

    • By Robert Karl Stonjek
      Item: D150A and IC150
      Location: Lauceston Tasmania
      Price: $450
      Item Condition: Restored
      Reason for selling: Cover the cost of restoration
      Payment Method: Pickup -  COD Only
      Extra Info: The pair were given to me in non-working condition.  The preamp only had trivial problems that were easily corrected.  All the adjustments to factory specs could easily be achieved.  No scratchiness on the volume control or selectors.  Good clean sound; amazing for the era!!
      The power amplifier had major problems and had been hacked by amateurs more than once.  Almost all the transistors and all the capacitors and diodes were replaced by me, circuit board repairs done and it works perfectly now.  Slight noise with the attenuators at max with headphones but backing them off by one or two clicks fixes that (there is no headphone socket, I used an adaptor).
      The only minus is the silver cap on one of the preamp controls is missing, you can see it in the image, far left.
      The amp is heavy, so I'd hate to think of the freight price.  Thus I am tentatively offering it for anyone local who can physically pick it up.  The price I'm asking only covers the cost of repair, actually I would have charged more like $500 if asked to repair the pair so it is less than cost, I am effectively giving the units away.
      The matchup of D150A and IC150 would have been possible in 1975 and 1976.  Before that the D150A had not been introduced and after that the IC150A came out.  The price in US dollars back then was around $349 each, the equivalent of $1,550 USD 2015 or $3,100 for the pair.
      I can guarantee the work, all of the electronic parts are still available including the rare ICs (the one in the power amp is new).  Interconnect cables supplied.
      BTW Crown was sold as Amcron in Australia but the identification plate and the symbols are all crown.  Photo supplied is of the actual units for sale.  And yes, the power amp really is DC...a slight DC on my hand held oscillator sent me on a wild goose chase trying to find the DC offset problem
      BTW anyone wondering where extremely rare parts can be obtained cheaply, often for just a few cents per transistor, try UTSource.  Their page won't display in my Chrome browser but Firefox has no problem.  They even have some common germanium transistors...https://www.utsource.net/

    • By myryad
      Item: Elektra Pre Amplifier
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      Price: SOLD
      Item Condition: Excellent (one small nick on the top of the preamp - very hard to discern from photos)
      Reason for selling: NLR
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info: Pickup preferred but can ship at buyer's expense if required.
      I've had this for a couple of months but I'm looking to simplify my system so this is being listed.
      The preamp has HT bypass, 3 sets of RCA inputs/outputs and 1 set of balanced inputs/outputs.
      The included remote only controls volume and mute functions.
      The Plinius SA-103 I was using with this preamp is also listed for sale. I love this combo but I'm trying to simplify my system. I hope I don't regret this.

    • By ~Spyne~
      Item: Gieseler Konverter preamplifier + DAC
      Location: Ballarat, VIC
      Price: $2500
      Item Condition: Excellent
      Reason for selling: Simplifying
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only
      Extra Info:
      Very first Konverter to leave Clay's workshop, S/N 0001 (21-04-17). Everything you need to know about this beauty can be found in this thread.
      Needless to say, this is an exceptional unit from Clay, building on and far exceeding his work on the Klein and Klein II DACs, not to mention a further step up from his standalone preamplifier, too.
      Clay's retail on these is $4000 - however being the first owner of a Konverter, I was got it for a 'nicer' price which is reflected in the (I believe) very good price I'm asking here.
      "Inputs Digital: USB, Coax & optical.
      Inputs Analogue: 2  x  RCA
      Outputs: 1  x  XLR  + 2  x  RCA
      DAC Chip: Asahi Kasei Microdevices AK4497EQ
      Output level is variable by remote control with a maximum of 3v RMS or 4.5v RMS depending on a PCB gain jumper setting. The unit has full remote control of all functions except main power on/off. Settings, filter, input, etc information is via a large OLED display. There is a 'Display OFF' mode.  The muting system is very sophisticated, eliminating all pops during sample rate changes & DSD-PCM format changes. At this stage there will only be one version which uses two additional Jensen transformers for the output of the DAC chip. In comparison to the usual op-amp stage the transformer was miles ahead in terms of sound quality."
      Selling to simplify my system a little. Wife always struggled a bit with multiple devices and now with parents doing babysitting duties regularly, the whole thing is too overwhelming for them.
      As much as I love this thing (I was waiting over a year for it, frequently hassling Clay for updates ), I've decided to keep the rest of the household happy by simplifying a few things (hopefully).


    • By Mikeptl
      Item: AUDIO BY VAN ALSTINE Transcendence 8+ Preamplifier (Tube)
      Location: Perth WA
      Price: $900 $600
      Item Condition: Excellent (used for 70 hours)
      Reason for selling: Only have room for the main system
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Shipping extra
      Extra Info: I have for sale is a AUDIO BY VAN ALSTINE Transcendence 8+ Preamplifier (Tube). I purchase this amp approx. 4 years ago and cost me $1900. This preamp is designed and built in USA which is a highly regarded unit at the time with great reviews. I have used it as a second system (approx. 70 hours) and was in storage for 1.5 years. The Transcendence Eight+ has a built-in multi-stage high voltage analog regulated power supply with separate regulators for each half of each 6CG7 tube. This results in a marked improvement In dynamics, transparency, detail, bass power and control. It still retains “tube” virtues of smooth musicality with no stress or grain.
      The Absolute Sound
      The Absolute Sound (older model)