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Pi music server and MoOde

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If you install the MPDAndroid client on your phone the GUI I find is more manageable than Moode. Give that a try.





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Moode 5.1 is out. You must upgrade to Moode 5 then through System Check for new software. Moode will download and install 5.1. Reboot and re-configure. The whole procedure is very smooth and fast.


I never upgrade to a new major version until the X.1 is out. I did install 5.0 on my portable system but now have brought both my main and portable Pi’s to 5.1. Worth the effort. 


Also at each major upgrade I make a small donation. I’d like to see Moode continue to improve and I hope this ensures that. 

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I'll have to take the leap to 5.1. I'm still on 3-point-something.





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Posted (edited)

Just a warning. I’m back on 4.4 because I was getting clicks when music was playing. Higher the rez more of the clicks. But others with the same DAC as me are having no problems. 


Ill wait for 5.2.

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My man Dan the man says 5.2 is out. Time to try.

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