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So, my music computer has died.

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Seems like a simple product and gets great reviews. Won't be able to use your 19" monitor and mini keyboard for control, but it seems I missed one of your previous comments stating you already control with your iPad

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56 minutes ago, Winno said:

Orrrrrr, I could use a Bluesound Node 2. Yep, been reading tonight and learning.

This connects directly to my wifi router and is controlled by an iOS app on my phone.

It has coaxial out so I can flick my Yellowtec PUC2 converter to simplify the signal path into my Theta DAC/Pre.


Then, I think if I want to really make a go of it, there are other units from Naim, etc that are even better than any PC or Mac could ever hope to be.


Hotdiggitty, there's a whole bunch of products that will render/stream from Tidal wirelessly that use an iOS app for control - Moon, Auralic, Naim, Linn, and so on and so on.

I'm also thinking of having an additional phone line put into the house and using an ethernet connection to whatever new streamer I choose.


Penny has dropped! 


Now you are talking - there are so many options out there.

I love my mac mini!

Anyway - as the members have posted it all depends on what you want to do. 

It is also important what you would like to stream. If it is just Tidal it is a bit different to Tidal and files somewhere on a disk/NAS.

May I suggest that you prioritise your needs/wants and then look at the options as the alternatives available can be mindboggling - and very expensive.



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I have a Mac/CA/NHT home theatre system in my lounge room for any offline media I have still saved away in CD books or iTunes.


The new source I am looking for since the demise of my PC is for my music only system and so, will only be streaming.

The Bluesound Node 2 and Auralic Aries Mini have been shortlisted as they rate well and are relatively affordable.

However, the Moon MiND looks perfect if I can stretch my budget as it is purely a computer based streamer - no DAC, no amplifiers, no etc, and again, rates very highly in reviews. 

All these options allow control of Tidal via my phone and they all (Aries mini maybe not, I'd have to check) offer asynchronous coaxial digital output to allow direct connection to my DAC instead of my current reliance on a PUC2 to convert USB audio to SPDIF. 

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I have a Node 1 and a Node 2. The app is stable as is the wi fi (improved 1 v 2) and BlueSound supports MQA. I find it really simple and fuss-free to stream through. The internal DAC is pretty good but I do use an external DAC as well.  

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