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Restoring Luxman plinth

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Hi guys, there's a Luxman PD-264 I might be buying. It looks good except for some peeling on the plinth's vinyl veneer (see attachments).


I was hoping that I would simply be able to re-glue it on, but it looks like even the 'unpeeled' parts don't line up with the edge of the plinth perfectly (the edge that meets the top plate). 


Does anybody have any idea how difficult it would be to re-align and glue down this veneer? Also, I was thinking of maybe having a new plinth made and installed, but I can't find anyone online who has a Luxman with a different plinth. Would anyone here be able to tell me what such a process would involve?







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Its vinyl that's lifting and impossible to repair to a reasonable standard.  I'd be inclined to cut the chipboard fascia off and replace it with solid timber and polish it.  

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I wouldn't go to too much effort with the PD264 as imo it wasn't a great turntable. If the plinth can be removed without to much effort I would remove the old vinyl , sand the plinth to a clean finish and recover it in something like gloss black vinyl wrap (Ebay and not expensive).

I had a PD300 which I can highly recommend but they are as rare as hens teeth.

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if it was me i'd made a new plinth for it. thrown the old one away



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A repair is possible but the vinyl has some shrinkage so will never be as good as new.

The first thing I would try is warming the vinyl up with a hot air gun or hair dryer .Not too hot or the vinyl will shrivel up.

Then with a warm iron try and flatten it back into shape ,use some white paper so you are not rubbing directly onto the vinyl.

If there are any small gaps you can touch them up with a brown felt tip pen.

I had a similar issue with one of my Luxman TT ,but it was one of the back corners ,so not as noticeable.


If this is not possible the next option would be to remove all the vinyl with the aide of a heat gun or hair dryer and then recover the plinth with pre glued, iron on Timber veneer.

This will be a much better finish than the original and a lot easier than making a new plinth. That IMO would only really be justifiable if this one was damaged or you really thought you would enjoy making one as a project.

The cost of paying someone else to make a new plinth would be hard to justify for this TT 

Having said that, I like this style of Luxman, having owned and restored two similar myself. They may not be Great TT but IMO they are very good, have a bit of a following and go for a reasonable price. 

 The big slab of aluminum, used for the platter, looks really nice polished up.


This was my PD 288

LUX 288 1.JPG

Edited by EV Cali

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