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Review of Multi-Sub Optimizer

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Multi-Sub Optimiser (MSO) is a free software tool to optimize multiple sub woofers by integrating the subs with main speakers and improving the evenness of bass response across the whole listening area. The program was written by AndyC on AVS Forum (discussion thread hosts all discussions, support, bugs etc.)

The documentation states that MSO gives the best results with three or more subs but with two subs, the improvement may be limited. However, good results were obtained in my environment using 2 dissimilar subs.

Ideally, you should be familiar with REW and have a calibrated mic. And a digital signal processor (DSP) is required.


An open plan family room, with limited room treatments (curtains, as much soft material as can be sneaked in!) and very limited choices for placement of speakers and subs. WAF considerations preclude further room treatments.

MSO for Stereo

Stereo was previously running as a 2.1 system using a SVS SB13U sub. After adding a second smaller SVS SB2000 sub and applying the MSO filters, the bass came across tighter and more controlled in the main listening position (MLP).  Even positions to the left and right of MLP are much better than before.

The stereo setup has improved significantly; am (re)discovering the bass in my music library!  :wub:

MSO for Home Theatre

Currently using Anthem Room Correction (ARC) for HT audio and multi-channel music.  However, ARC cannot compensate for spatial variation between seating.

The previous 5.1 setup used the SB13U.   The new 5.2 setup, with the addition of the SB2000 and MSO, gave a noticeable better bass response for movies. MSO+ARC did an excellent job of integrating the subs, better than ARC alone. What was impressive was the evenness of bass response across the listening area.

For multi-channel music, tracks which had a significant amount of bass came across better with MSO.  And more uniform bass across the different listening positions.


MSO is a free, easy-to-use tool to optimise multiple subs. MSO with 2 subs has significantly improved my stereo setup and movies, and to a lesser extent multi-channel music.  What is impressive is the evenness of bass response across the listening area.  Delighted with this upgrade of a second sub and MSO. :D

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