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Which projector? I stuffed up. Lol

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Hey all. Great forum. 
at approximately 6 Mts on to a 120" screen. 
Worked great, but as you know, only HD 720. 
So, after reading some great reviews about the 
BenQ W1070 Full HD 1080p, I went and purchased one. 
Only when I went to setup, stupid me realised that it's got no hope of projecting that sort of distance. 
I had the Epsom mounted on the ceiling close to the back wall of the room. I really don't want to move the mount to the centre of the room to make the W1070 work. 
So, what I'm after is some suggestions on a Full HD 1070,
preferably 3D like the W1070, that will project up to 6 Mts 
Price, anything up to around the $1,500 mark. 
I'm happy to buy second hand. 
I've been having a look, but I've always found it's better to ask the peeps that have some more knowledge than me and possibly have units. 

Thanks in advance. Cheers

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