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Help for choosing EPSON or BENQ projector with fixed distance (4m) and screen size (2.4m width; 1.8m height)

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I need to replace the old projector after moving in a new place with the following set-up.

The screen size of 120 inch (2.4m wide and 1.8m high) with an aspect ratio of 4:3. The distance between the screen and the projector (hang at 70cm below the ceiling) is 4m.

I am considering the below projectors given my budget.

Epson EB-U32, EB-U130, TW5300 or BENQ TH670 or W1090.

Which one is best suitable for my setting?

I check the throw ratio for them but all the numbers are based on 16:9/10 ratio which is not very helpful or clear. See below

Epson EB-U32 (throw ratio: 1.38(wide) - 1.68(tele); native aspect ratio 16:10; Zoom 1-1.2)

Epson EB-U130 (throw ratio: 1.38(wide) - 1.68(tele); native aspect ratio 16:10; Zoom 1-1.2)

Epson TW5300 (throw ratio: 1.22(wide) - 1.47(tele); native aspect ratio 16:9; Zoom 1-1.2)

BENQ TH670 (throw ratio: 1.15 - 1.5; native aspect ratio 16:9; Zoom 1.3x)

BENQ W1090 (throw ratio: 1.5 - 1.8; native aspect ratio 16:9; Zoom 1-1.2)

Really need helps to make sure that I order the correct product given my current set-up.

Your helps are greatly appreciated! Thank you!


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Unless you're watching only old TV shows, modern material will be mostly 16:9 (about 1.85:1) or cinemascope (2.35:1). You'll be much better off updating to a 16:9 screen as well.

If you must stay with a 4:3 screen, you can select the relevant projector and aspect ratio on the calculator here (e.g. Epson TW5300). For Epson projectors you'll need to select from the Epson Europe models to get the relevant model number.

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I have to agree.  Upgrade the screen to at lest 16:9.  Keep the height if you have been watching it at that size.  At 1080P, you will love it.  

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      Almost 3000 hours on the lamp so will
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      Any other questions or pertinent info I’ve missed, just hit me up!
      I’d much rather pickup (we can work around the virus and stay safe), or if you’re close-ish I can deliver, just because it’s a bit of a pain in the butt, and a little risky, to post a massive projector, but I’ll do that if need be. 

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