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Channel 10 Hilton WA

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I'm having some real issues with my channel ten reception. I have checked everything and all fine. My place is only 2 years old so there be no issues with age of equipment. It happens on all my TV's. Checked mySwitch site and I'm only about 27km from Bickley transmission tower. In the winter time there doesn't seem to be as bad only when it's hot. Any suggestions.

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You did not say from the mySwitch website what colour is the signal strength at your place. If it is green then there should be sufficient signal for an outdoor antenna upto 10 m above the ground.

The ABC (transmission channel 12) and SBS (transmission channnel 7) are normally transmitted from the Broadcast Australia tower at the highest end of Television Rd Bickley. As a backup they can also be transmitted from Welshpool Rd East, Carmel

The commercials can transmit their programs from either the Carmel site or from the TXA tower next to the Broadcast Australia tower in Television Rd Bickley.

West TV (transmission channel 32) is transmitted from Carmel.

Traditionally 7(transmission channel 6) has been transmitted from Television Rd and 10 (transmission channel 11) from Carmel.

You don't say if you are using an outdoor or indoor antenna. Does you antenna have the 2 m long elements at the back then get shorter or are they all 750 mm long and get shorter towards the front (like an arrow)?

Just because your place is new it does not necessarily mean that there is no faults. Has a cockeyed bob rotated the antenna. The myswitch website gives you the direction the antenna should be pointed.

You do not say what your reception is like on the other stations when 10 is bad.

Have you pushed the "i" button on the remote control a couple of times in rapid succession to see if there is a signal strength bar graph. If it is not present you will have to go to the install menu and do a manual scans on channels 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 32. and report the result. Some receivers also show a quality bar graph which s also useful.




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You most likely have a poor quality signal arriving at your TV, get a technician out to identify and fix the fault.

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