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Bizarre Problem- with a solution.

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Hi All,

3 weeks ago my reception for all of the Channel 7 range (Physical ch6) and most of Channel 9 went from 10/10 (Signal Strength and Quality) to 0/10 Quality (Ch7) and 4/10 Quality (Ch9). Whilst the signal strength remained at 10/10.

Steps I took to fix it:

- Replaced the masthead amp

- Cleaned all the contact points of the existing antenna

- Tried an LTE filter (which was a reach)

- Tried a new antenna with a different radiating pattern.

- Raised the antenna 1.5M

- Pointed it to an alternative broadcast tower

Came to the conclusion that I had a multi-path propagation issue. So the next step was to play around with antenna placement for a better spot.

But before I do that, I thought I'd turn off the Server PC, with this suspicion that it *might* have a faulty PSU. Sure enough, PC off = perfect reception on all channels. Then it dawned on me, 3 weeks ago I installed 2 new case fans in there: https://www.amazon.com/Antec-Tricool-Speed-120mm-Case/dp/B00314W992

Turns out one of them was faulty, causing EM interference through the mains.


Will never get that diagnostic time back! Thought I'd share it in the hope that it helps some other poor soul in a similar situation.










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Nice one and good troubleshooting steps.  Yes interference can be a very annoying issue.

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