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F.S. Two Three way box speakers

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I have two three way box speakers for sale. They have a 12" bass driver, a 5.5" mid-bass and 3.5" tweeter. From what i remember all drivers are VIFA and are roughly 80-100 watts at 8ohms.

Built from 18mm vinyl wrapped MDF they are solid construction and come with speaker grills. They would be good speakers for a bedroom, a garage setup or somewhere your not concerned about critical listening. The cabinets are all in excellent condition with no damage. Made by Auditone in Brisbane.

They sound pretty good with a balanced sound sig but lack bass in the very low frequencies. Pickup only from 4037 QLD. $200.00




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      I am working on rotating some of the images. Don't know why they are upside down...


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      Extra Info: Purist Audio Aqueous Aureus (Contego) Interconnects. One pair XLR and one pair RCA in 1 meter length. Have too many cables and these are currently not being used. Beautiful rich and detailed sounding. These are high priced cables, current version retails in excess $1550 each pair.
      Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.

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