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For anyone with an Oppo UDP-203 or UDP-205 UHD blu-ray player, there should be beta firmware for these units in few days which enables Dolby Vision output that works with the Sony TVs which use the X1 Extreme chip, such as the Z9D.


Edit:  BETA Firmware for OPPO UDP-203 live now at




Edited by Craig M
Updated to list firmware link

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much much needed on new Dolby Vision titles.


Black levels look really bad on DV encoded titles when played back in regular HDR modes. 



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    • By kukynas
      There is lots of sites with 4K content in many shapes or forms but not many allow you to look at entire list in user friendly manner so I decided to create our own list with complete collection available within 1 page, I plan to update it once a week (if time allow) but if someone is willing to help from mods (due to post update restrictions) I would definitely appreciate it...
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    • By Frankp01
      I've been mulling over this issue for a while now, and thought I'd ask you guys (and girls) if you had any answers for me. I've also done a search and can't find any threads specifically discussing the issue of variable 4K quality on different platforms.
      The main question, there will be others later, is... why does 4K on You Tube look so much cleaner and precise than 4K presentations on all other platforms?  If I watch something in (supposed) 4K on You Tube it is always as I would expect 4K to look, whereas 4K on Netflix, Amazon, Stan and VUDU is good, but doesn't have the same (almost) jaw dropping clarity of a You Tube video.
      Before we go any further, here is the gear I use (all cables are good, and high speed NBN of consistent 95mbs):
      Hisense 75N7
      Yamaha 3060
      Apple TV 4K
      Nvidia Shield
      All devices are connected via the 3060
      Other questions I just can't find answers to:
      1. The Yamaha 3060's recent update included Dolby Vision, but the Hisense isn't compatible. The ATV sends Dolby Vision instead of HDR to the amp when watching Netflix. Does this make any difference? Can it be changed if needed?
      2. If this is causing an issue, is there a way to only send HDR from the amp to the Hisense?
      3. How do I ensure that I am allowing all video to pass through to the TV to allow it to do the upscaling, as I believe the Hisense is capable of doing a better job?
      4. When I visit a You Tube channel which supposedly is showing HDR content, is it actually in HDR or just brighter 4K? The TV doesn't register a HDR signal from You Tube. This is when trying on both media players. The TV does receive HDR signal from other platforms on both the Shield and ATV.
      Thanks for any help. Oh, and before anyone whinges that I've posted this on a couple of forums...I just can't find answers to these questions, so I'm covering all knowledge bases.
    • By Sirmorebeer
      Coming to Aus I wondered? RRP 2.5K USD.
    • By JB_2016
      Item: Sony VPL-VW500ES Projector
      Location: Canberra
      Price: $4,250 ONO ($13,999 RRP)
      Item Condition: Excellent condition
      Reason for selling: Change to later model
      Payment Method: Cash, Bank Transfer
      Extra Info: This fantastic true 4K projector has very low hours (~400) and has been always mounted in a dedicated room, used for movies only.  Currently running from an Oppo BDP-103 - it's as good as new.
      It just had a new genuine Sony lamp fitted.
      It will be packed and shipped in it's original box via courier of your choice if not local.
      EDIT: Price drop to $4250.  This really is a bargain for such a good projector...

    • By Thechillman
      Hey everyone,
      Kind of new to the whole UHD thing (but loving it so far) and am wanting to get feedback from those who have done it. 
      I’ve read that you’re able to play UHD movies ordered from overseas and they’ll play here in Australia as the UHD discs are essentially region free. 
      Is this true? Does anybody have any experience with having ordered UHDs from overseas (specifically America via Amazon etc) and can confirm it works?
      And has anybody had the opposite? Where they’ve ordered UHDs from overseas and they haven’t worked? 
      I’m aware the extra regular blu-ray dis that comes with most releases probably won’t work - it’s the UHD stuff I’m after. 
      Thanks in in advance for your help everyone! Appreciate it ?