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I purchased a Global Cache iTach Flex WiFi to control my home theatre, lights and air-conditioner. Unfortunately these devices are all spread around the room like so: https://i.imgur.com/NxLWASJ.jpg and the wimpy little Flex IR "blaster" could only control one of them at a time when pointed directly at it. So I designed my own IR "hyper-blaster". This works exceptionally well. I can point it anywhere in the room and control any of the devices. I can now mount it out of the way on top of my projector.

The IR LEDs are being driven at over five times their rated DC current but because this is only for a short pulse they can handle it .They're rated to much more than this (1.2A) for very short pulses (1us on, 10us off). I'm sure I can feel it heating up the room when in use :rofl:

It's still a bit of a prototype mess at the moment but I'll take some in-situ photos when I receive the final part - a USB power splitter cable to enable me to run it and the iTach Flex from the same 5V 1A plug pack.

Construction details below if anyone else ever needs such a device:

Note: I wanted some 0.33uF caps for the 37kHz bypass but they are huge so I ended up using three groups of three 0.1uF caps. Three on the front of the PCB and six on the back.




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Very interested in this. I've got similar iR blisters from

Simple Control (roomie) but find have difficulty hitting the LED light rope receivers in particular

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That Simple Control Blaster is identical to the Global Cache Flex. The configuration pages are identical and all the ports are in the same position. Looks like it's made for them under licence. The price is identical too.

So I can pretty much guarantee this will work with the Simple Control Blaster.

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      I recently bought a LG 4K B8 Oled TV and already had a Sonos play base. The remote for the LG TV does not seem to interact with the Sonos so I am left having to adjust sound through my phone which is not ideal.
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    • By Ralfi
      Love this thing so much, thought i'd put a review out there............

      Panasonic TV Sony PS3 Foxtel IQHD Yamaha AVR
      "Watch Foxtel" [Foxtel - satellite - tuner] "Play PS3/Blu-ray" "Watch TV (FTA HD)" [TV tuner] "Listen to Music (Streaming)" "Listen to Music (Tuner)"
      HUB placement: All devices bar the TV (rarely worked) responded to the HUB. So the IR Booster was needed....


      IR Booster placement: TV responds every time with the Booster placed just beneath/in front of the TV....


      HT components...


      Remote...Great little thing - thin, well laid out & has a grippy, beach-pebble-like feel on the underside & lower front section, as seen below....


      This is Harmony's 'low-end' Bluetooth-supported Universal Remote. Though not cheap (RRP $180, but should be found for $120-$130 at many retailers), it is what those with a similar setup to mine want.

      Mine is not the most complex, nor the most straight-forward home theatre setup - due to the Foxtel satellite service, to access HD Free-to-Air channels, there's a need to switch to the TV's tuner. SD Free-to-Air channels are then accessed via the Foxtel IQHD tuner. & then there's the switch to/from the PS3.

      The Harmony Smart Control (HSC) handles all input/device switches easily & fast enough, turning on/off all relevant devices, whether they be IR or Bluetooth...every time, anywhere in the house (WiFi) or abroad (Cellular) - I didn't realise this last feature; due to the HSC syncing via Harmony servers, it allows you to - via the internet - turn any Activity on/off whilst away from home.

      So it works - one remote to turn all required devices on & off....no worries there.

      But the added benefits are in the configurable settings; You can add commands to the remaining unused remote buttons. For eg. To access Subtitles before, I had to use the PS3 controller & press 6 buttons to get to them. Now, 1 button does the job.

      You can adjust the order at which components turn on, the time it takes for them to respond to on/off commands, edit button layouts in the App, add/edit gestures within the App (1 or 2 finger gestures supported) add favourite channels/logos (FTA & Foxtel) to the App..See below...

      Foxtel screenshot (iPad)...


      FTA Screenshot (iPad)...


      Foxtel Screenshot (iPhone 6S)...


      Music streaming is also user-friendly - I use Apples Music App/Spotify/Apple Music all via Apple AirPlay...& controlling the pause/play/next/previous/volume etc. of the music via either HSC remotes is too easy...as it should be.

      In summary, it's a brilliant thing. I'm using the supplied remote mostly, but the more I customise the App (like being able to leave the phone on in a dimmed state whilst the App is running, preventing need to unlock the phone), the more appealing it becomes. Having the option there is what you want though - to use the physical remote or App on phone/tablet.

      Most reviews online state it takes awhile to set up....I didn't think it was too bad. Maybe an hour to 1:20 for initial setup (to get the basic Devices & Activities registered). Add another hour to tweak things to how you want & it's pretty much set.

      It can take a bit to navigate the menus to find that setting you want to change, mainly due to there being so much you can do within the software. But after using it more often, you become familiar with the GUI.

      3 remotes & 1 games controller now become 1.

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      Item: Luxman L590ax intergrated amp
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      Reason for selling:overseas trip in august
      Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD bank deposit
      Extra Info:
       These are a very well regarded amp 30 watt class A and around 100 watt class AB.Inbuilt phono for mm/ mc.VU meters back light can be turned off.Bought of sna member Jan 2017 for $4600.Amp is in same condition as when I got it,no box or manual came with it.I would recommend pick up as amp is rather heavy however shipping is possible via pack and send or the like at buyers cost.

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