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Oppo Uhd 4K Player

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On 3/31/2017 at 7:52 PM, :) al said:

i just wonder if oppo indeed will bring back the media player capabilities of the oppo with the 205 as that is probably something very lacking versus the previous 105 version.


What is it lacking? I find the 105 to be sub standard so if the 203 / 205 is less than that Oppo is in real trouble.

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No streaming apps, audio or video. 


by the way they have turned the last beta over to public for those wanting to download straight to player.


from all accounts end of month release for the 205. Gee I wish them a better run than had with the 203...

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I need an Aus buyer to send a unit to Joe Rasmussen to evaluate it for his JLTI upgrades. Until Joe gives it the thumbs up I'll be holding on to my money.

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On 31/03/2017 at 8:37 PM, :) al said:

ok just getting onto oppo 205 news,




as can see its been updated to arriving April 2017




also this note that clarifies a bit more on release date,


"...i just called OPPO to find out when they will be accepting orders for the 205 and the response was mid April...so...one never knows when the actual date will be unless you've signed up for notification via your email and/or checking the OPPO web site often..."


and the note below, thats indicative of pricing,


"Gents- I wanted to share the latest and greatest I was fortunate to receive from Oppo this morning.


The UDP-205 will likely be released by the end of April and will retail between $1299 and $1399 when it is released. It will have the latest ESS ES9038Pro DACs and have digital coaxial, optical and Asynchronous USB DAC inputs, a headphone amplifier, multi-channel analog and dedicated stereo analog outputs, stereo XLR output and a single HDMI input for audio and video.

Best Regards, 

Customer Service 
OPPO Digital, Inc. 
162 Constitution Dr.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Tel: 650-961-1118 
Fax: 650-961-1119"


They have continued on with the 105 hardware format and have lost the plot with the multi channel output.  

Who uses multichannel analog output these days?   And which UHD disc player on the current market has multichannel analog out?   Most would send it over HDMI to a multichannel receiver and be done with!     I certainly don't use the multichannel analog out.   

Do away with this and you reduced the cost considerably.   

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An optimist would be hoping that all of the issues will be resolved following a longer than usual teething period. In any case, as a diehard Oppo fan, it’s somewhat disconcerting to read through this thread.


I prematurely (as it turned out) sold my BDP-105D and ordered a Sonica DAC four weeks prior to the “promised” release date. When the AUS / NZ release was cancelled I picked up a new Cambridge CXN DAC and still haven’t had a single issue with it.  Of course, it’s a mature product and I haven’t bothered to look for related forum based content from back when it was first released.


For me to consider replacing the CXN with the UDP-205 (I’ll be wanting to move to 4K UHD at some point in the future) with a view to keeping to my practice of minimising the number of components in my system, it will need to be significantly better sounding (stereo wise) than both the 105 and CXN as well as absolutely spot on with 4K disc and streaming.

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You'd hope so... then I read this ...

Whirlpool Enthusiast
posted 17 minutes ago

Picked one of these up today. Upgraded the firmware before I did anything, but the audio is cutting out for 2-3 seconds every 5 seconds or so.

I'm playing audio via audio only HDMI into my Amp, with the video direct via the 'MAIN' HDMI. This is using the same HDMI cable I used to use for the previous Oppo Bluray player.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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HDMI 2.0/HDCP2.2 and UHD is a **** to get right.

Too many variables. 

Simon doesn't really say what gear he is saying. But I suspect having a full HDMI 2.0/HDCP chain with good short cables is probably a good start.

I had issues with my old Marantz AV8801 in the chain. No issue once I got the 8802

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too many variables indeed !!! and its not like we are all hdmi experts out there either...so can leave everyone just scratching their heads. I know I've been there myself...far too many times ! in not even a year :o 

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Still not one issue with the Pana UHD unit since Boxing Day.

I'm sure the Oppo will be at sometime faultless. It just looks like it will take time at the moment

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1 hour ago, jutta said:

Pana UHD

What is the SD and HD upscaling/processing like in your opinion ion the Pana?

JSmith :ninja:

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25 minutes ago, JSmith said:

What is the SD and HD upscaling/processing like in your opinion ion the Pana?

JSmith :ninja:

I've not actually tried a DVD in it to be honest. Oh yes I did, but just a Jimmy Eat World concert disc so PQ not even rate worthy.

Bluray upscaling looks great but I'm going to a 4k SUHD (sammy 8 series) display so you'd expect it to be good at worst I'd hope

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for the pana upscaling to blu-ray is very good but DVD is troublesome. about its only failing I think. it has jaggies and steps etc going on that you dont get with the oppo. 

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To be honest, I've had the 203 since December ( now configured as "203 -->HDFury Linker --> Marantz 6010 --> JVC X7000 ") and I can say that with 4k/HDR/BT2020 I've had zero issues for the last 2 months.

I updated to firmware -0329 last weekend just to be up to date. But I've had no stutter/audio drop outs/ freezes for  a long time.

Ironically, over on AVS, when the Oppo was first released their thread went haywire with all the problems. Three firmware updates later, all people are now talking about is the impending release of an update to cater for Dolby Vision ( for which there is currently no content ). That thread has slowed down incredibly.

With the JVC gamma  D curve being superseded by Arve's custom curves I can say that for the last month or so I haven't frequented the forums ( AVS or DTV ) because I can seriously just sit back and enjoy 4k/UHD/HDR in my cinema room without any issues at all. 

Just wish there were more than a few good movies to watch in the format. Out of the potential 90 or so releases, I've "cherry picked" about 20 that I might actually want to watch more than once.

"The Shallows" / "Great Gatsby" / "The Revenant"  were spectacular eye candy.

I just don't want to re-visit the HD-DVD days of spending $$$$$$$ for something like "Jack Reacher- Never Go Back" when the BluRay would have sufficed. ( Hate it when reviews say it's a major upgrade, but when you compare the two in your own room, you say "WTF?" )

Very happy with my Oppo 203. It works well as a dedicated 4k disc player.

If I wanted streaming apps , 4k Roku/Chromecast inputs and the like, I might have problems. But that's what my TV is for. :rolleyes:


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good to hear dave. :)


I just checked over on avs. theres a post there staring me in the eyes  saying "picture stutter again. hdmi in doesnt work " ... not much more info so posts like this that still leaves me wondering.... 

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