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9Hd Pvr Ad-Skipping Issues? Mpeg-4 Related?

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Curious if anyone knows/has this experience.

Two callers today on my radio show noted issues with fast forwarding on recordings on their PVR on the new 9HD Mpeg-4 channel.

Curious if anyone knows if this is DRM related, is fast forwarding something that MPEG-4 broadcasting can prevent?

Or is this more likely a case of PVRs getting confused by the recorded content and failing to FF when requested?

I have NFI! :)


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Most TVS, PVRS and STBs sold in the past 5ish years have had MPEG4 capability built in. The idea presumably being that the next digital upgrade (which is starting to happen now) will be fairly painless as most households will already have MPEG4 capability.

The MPEG4 chip ensures it can recieve and decode and display the MPEG4 channels. But PVRs are a little more complex and jumping about the broadcast stream requires some extra smarts. Its very likely that some existing PVRs won't handle the new channels without a firmware upgrade.

In a nut shell, there are no DRM restrictions enforced on broadcast TV. The industry has launched its own Freeview brand (which has a nice EPG but also requires Freeview PVRs to not be able to ad skip and also places limitations on transfering files off the PVR). But that's only Freeview certified PVRs. As you can imagine they're not very popular.


Peter Gillespie

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I'm not one of those who phoned your radio station but I only just noticed the same thing last night.

During playback I cannot pause, FF or REW.

The only other HD channel that I seem to have is SBS HD and there are no issues with it. Though I don't know if SBS HD broadcasts as MPEG4, they say 1080i but I have no idea what that is.

I have the Topfield brand of PVR which to the best of my understanding is not Freeview .

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To follow up my own post the issue is also discussed on the Topfield Forum.

I have also contacted Topfield Australia since and found out that they only recently became aware of the issue and are looking at it with no guarantee of a fix because it will depend on PVR's ability to handle MPEG4 (apparently something that cannot be corrected via firmware).

Interestingly enough the booklet that came with my PVR (TRF7160-id33021) makes no mention of which formats are supported.

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