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The Official 4K Ultra H D - Blu Ray Thread

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20 hours ago, jutta said:

Didn't reach the lofty heights of The Fifth Element for me Kazz but it looks incredible. 

I'd purchase on 4k for sure


The Fifth Element is pretty hard to beat that's for sure,  :D but glad to hear it looked great, should come up well on 4K then.


There is a lot of talk around at the moment about the T2 4K release and excessive DNR, but I read a french review this morning that gave a polar opposite review on it.   http://www.avcesar.com/test/bluray/id-3585/terminator-2-le-jugement-dernier.html



We warn you from the outset: you can forget all versions of the film already seen. This one, remastered in 4K by James Cameron and his teams in 2016, is worth more than a detour, a view image by image could even be envisaged as there is to see and discover.

The overall dynamic is dazzling, the light incredible, the steel blue tempered, the precision simply surgical, the chrome of the cars and weapons glowing as ever ... We could continue until the end of the night, point out the smallest details that win in quality like the electric red of the scan in the subjective view of Terminator, the incandescence of the grid when the T-1000 arrives on Earth, the shine of the grounds like varnish by the rain, the renewal of the explosions which are tinted this time of red ( against yellow on the Blu-Ray). Without forgetting the sharpness, unpublished.

No doubt, the film goes into another visual dimension without being betrayed by its innovative special effects for the time (twenty-six years of age all the same). A subtle feat when compared to Blu-Ray present in the box (very very beautiful too, but less brilliant, a little less brilliant), but a feat of all times that goes from the background finally opened in the bar with scenes of action or resplendent night. All with the manisfest desire of the master not to yield to the sirens of the technical demonstration HDR, which explains the rendering steeped in timeless elegance. In short, a big YES!

To note, the images opposite were captured from the master restored in 4K. Beautiful, they give a little idea what awaits you in 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray.
Top image: none
Picture rating: 6/6


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