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Help Pls Re Screen Choice

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Are you able to mask your 16:9 screen for WS content?

We have found that having a screen at the native AR of a projector (16:9), is awesome with horizontal masking. You can enjoy full unadulterated resolution with the option for a smaller WS image.

how do you mask it nicely? especially in horizontally.

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how do you mask it nicely? especially in horizontally.

Here are some pics from my original build thread with my home-made masking.

Fixed frame screen behind.


The top mask is just a cheapo RF remote control ebay screen cut down to size and coated with matte black fabric. The bottom mask is manual (with velcro sides), and sits on the mantlepiece below.

I will be using a similar system (only more refined) in the new HT. Very effective and cheap!

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Oh happy days haha

Rich from Oztheatre set me up with a 130" scope screen and it arrived today. Comparing it to the screen technics it is much better quality and heaps easier to mount. The cinemasnap screen material was heaps easier to place into the frame and my thumbs are reminding me now however the screen fabric is brilliant. Evo I think haha.

130" scope is much better, easier on the eyes and still fine for Gaming . I now have to investigate how to get the jvc x55r to project a scope picture but I'm in no rush.

Anyone considering a screen technics or oztheatre screen , all I can say is Rich from Oztheatre was brilliant and spent almost too much time helping me out. The velvet material is spot on. I mounted the screen easily myself and it was ridiculously simple to mount it on the wall. The screen itself is much thicker than the screen technics and this can test your patience when you secure it to the frame. But after a few swear words and a beer it was done.

Here's some quick picks of Xbox one on the screen... Awesome picture I think..cheers



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