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Pink Noise Flicker

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Hi all,

hoping someone can help me out with an issue I am having on my Epson TW3600

I have recently changed over from the TW5200 to the TW3600; reasons were because the 3600 had better contrast, and a lot quieter than the 5200.

However, one thing I have noticed since the change over is the screen would randomly flicker pink noise on the screen; this was noticable when using my HTPC and scrolling through XBMC screens, or using my PS3 to watch Netflix or when loading a Blu-ray disc, but not occurring during the movie. Interestingly, this does not happen at all when I use my XBOX One for Netflix, Humax PVR or my HTPC & PS3 when gaming.

system setup is

Source (Xbox One, PS3, HTPC, Xbox 360, Set top box) -> Pioneer SC-1223 -> 10M HDMI Cable -> Epson TW3600

I did not notice any of this issue when I had the TW5200;

is this a HDMI hand shake issue? if yes, how can i fix this?

Im hoping that because it is only occurring on some equipment, and not others, it might not be a projector issue.

thank you

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I'd be interested in finding out about this too, as I have suffered very similar issue since replacing my old bluray player with an oppo. No issue prior and now pink noise when loading disc or switching to different input.

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