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Hi there,

I am not very expert in TV technology and i really need your advice. I have a Samsung Smart TV 7 series (bought in Dubai) and i am not able to get Free-to-Air Channels. I dont have any STB and no pay tv like Foxtel etc. I am not a big TV buff but want to watch free channels. I tried to setup using auto-tune and manual tune, but no luck. Also, there is something called "Area/Region" for setting channel in TV and i dont have "Australia" option in the list. I live in an apartment and each unit has a point to connect. Most of the people in my building are receving good signal and able to watch free channels.

I called Samsung support and they said my tv doesn't has/support Australia frequency. They advised me to check with local retail shops or buy new TV.

I dont want to buy new tv. does it work if i buy a Set up box such as Dick Smith HD Digital Set Top Box with USB PVR.

I really need your advice.

Thanks in advance.


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You are going to need a Set Top Box or PVR to be able to watch TV. Dubai uses a different set of frequencies so the TV tuner won't work here.

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TVs are both dumb and smart boxes. Smart in that they can receive certain broadcast signals and display the pictures (as long as you are in the country of purchase)

Dumb in that no matter where you are or what TV you have they can accept the input of a cheap STB (that receives the signals of the country of purchase and translates them to a universal TV language)

Grab any $30 STB from any electronics store (and any $20 HDMI cable) from any store (preferably the same store) and plug your aerial into the STB and HDMI cable from the STB to the TV and you're set to watch FTA TV.


Peter Gillespie

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