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Which Anamorphic Lens?

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His impression was that the image QUALITY was the best he had seem anywhere.

Nice scientific terms those: "impression" and "image quality".

They make me wonder why I spend so much time designing, building and calibrating down to less than 1/100th of a degree cumulative, and getting all those expensive lens elements built on million dollar machines, when two glass wedges in a nice box are just as good They give a good "impression" . They have "image quality" - however that's defined.

The problem with a lot of this stuff is that it's mostly anecdotal. Someone went through a few stores and came away with a good "impression". Panamorph run the line with their el cheapo sub-$1000 model (Cine-Vista, I think it's called) that because it has no color aberration correction, and no focusability - none of that snake oil cylindrical lens designers use to jack up the price - it's somehow "clearer" and sort-of closer to how Mother Nature meant lenses to be made. "Sharpest image on the planet", was the phrase used, I think.

When quizzed, the spruiker for Panamorph replied that, well, it was sharp in a strip about 4" wide down the middle of a 12-foot wide image, and that it did need users to lobby the projector makers to include sub-pixel color channel correction (because the rainbow patterns the lens produced outside this 4" strip looked like an illustration of Isaac Newton's prism experiment), and anyway, it was cheap, and whaddaya want for 2-bits? Sleigh bells? Suddenly "sharpest on the planet" became "only an entry level device after all". It only took 2 personal messages to get him begging me to stop being so truthy.

No mention of gross distortion, ghosting, astigmatism, beam displacement and sheer unadulterated weight, unsealed optics, low ANSI contrast and expensive add-ons just to get the image focused. And these limitations apply as much to the upper end of the scale as the lower end of the prism field, which is severely llimited in design degrees of freedom by the fact that prisms by definition emobdy nothing but flat surfaces.

You can usually tell when a lens maker is fudging it. They rely on "impressions", not hard specifications. I mean, feel the love, baby. Why go to all the hassle of producing a precision intstrument to exacting standards when you can just "impress" punters and rely on "wow" factors like "sharpest on the planet" and "best image quality" from checking out lenses in store demo rooms with light streaming in from all over the place?

Never mind that prism lenses were dropped in 1953 as a viable means of top quality commercial cinema projection. What does Panavision - who junked their prism design for all-cylindrical lenses - know about "image quality"?

Do I use a UH480? No, because the cylindrical is better but only by 5% if that.

I bet you can't quantify that 5%. Which parameters are you referring to?

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Wow! There were a few firm points of view being expressed there. But that's one of the things that makes our country great; we can have a robust debate and be passionate about what we believe in and still be mates at the end of it. Bravo!

Fwiw I have made a choice........de winner is......XEIT & Cineslide. Now for that other old chestnut; price.

Thanks so much fellow forumers.

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I own one of Marks CAVX Mk3 with corrector A-lense and project onto a 120in majestic scope screen from Rich. Screen is not curved and although it has ghosting which shows up occasionally (I have the jvc hd550 and ghosting can be reduced to nearly unnoticeable levels if the PJ shutter lens is set to its lowest setting) I am more than happy with the results and no one except myself has noticed the stretched image when viewing 16:9 content like games until I correct the ratio setting the PJ to 4:3 and then setting it back again that they notice!

I cannot use the zoom method either as my ceiling is 2mt with a beam down the centre of the room at 190cm

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