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G'day. Apologies if this is the wrong spot, can't seem to find anything similar so I'm just gonna plonk it and hope someone either has an answer or can move it to where it'll get an answer.

I recently got hooked up to VAST. The set top box is an Altech UEC DSD4121. Frankly it's brilliant, compared to the disaster that was our previous tv reception.

My question is this:- I see there is available a PVR consisting of a new remote and decode whatsit. It seems it is incapable of recording a program whilst watching another channel. This doesn't seem entirely helpful, so I'm wondering if anyone has any clues on how to set up mythtv or something similar so I can record one channel whilst watching another? Also, is there a more simple way to send the signal to another tv, so the kids can watch what they wish (instead of old fart news), without having to install another set top box?

Cheers, appreciate your time.

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They do not currently make a two tuner VAST Satellite Receiver. You have to buy an additional receiver. You can however use the same dish but it is advisable to use the second output from the low noise converter on the dish to feed the second receiver. This will give a full range of channels.


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There are two versions of the VAST decoder, both based on the same model.

The first is the basic decoder-only... no recording function.

The second is the inclusion of the PVR remote control. An external USB device (USB stick or HDD) enable the decoder to record and play received programs.

There is also an upgrade option which is the PVR remote. This can be added to any non-PVR UEC VAST decoder.

Whilst you can't record and watch two different channels at the same time, you can play a previously recorded program and record a different program at the same time.

For independent channel selection, you need two VAST decoders.

You can use a dual output LNB to feed signal to two decoders, but for more than two decoders, a multiswitch in conjunction with a dual LNB is the best option.

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