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Hisense Hd Tv Calibration Needed!

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Can someone please post a calibration that they use for Blu-Rays on Hisense HD TVs please!

I have a 55" LED Hisense HD TV myself, and for Blu-Ray the TV automatically changes to "Dymatic" mode which boosts the backlight at 100 and all the other picture settings (sharpness, colour, brightness, contrast) at 50. I know for a fact this ISN'T how Blu-Ray is suppose to look because even though it looks "nice" in the sense that the picture pops off the screen, I am a purist when it comes to Blu-Ray. I want the movies to look preserved and look like actual FILM, not like a VIDEO GAME

So can anyone tell me what picture settings they use for there Hisense HD TV whist playing Blu-Ray? So what level on 'user mode' do you have the sharpness, colour, brightness,contrast & backlight settings on???? I would very much like to replicate it if you don't mind.

This is a link to my model - http://www.hisense.com.au/products/television/detailed/type/38/209

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