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Digital Channels Not Within Foxtel Channels

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Foxtel and Bigpond in a joint press release today announced that neither of them provide nor have provided any cable related services to any locality in Perth.

Anyone that has Bigpond broadband in Perth is using ADSL2+. In instances where the subscriber has access to speeds beyond the normal capabilities of ADSL2+ they are provisioned using multiple ADSL2+ services bundled in a thick cable that resembles coax which is fed into a special 'cabled' modem at the subscribers premises.

Anyone that has Foxtel pay television is receiving it via a satellite service. In cases where no dish is visible this is simply due to the dish being buried underneath the subscribers house so as to not damage the asthetics of the subscribers property.

After making this announcement, Foxtel and Bigpond representatives then took the joint and smoked it, because its the only way that alanh's bizzarre and persistent claims that there are no cable services in Perth have any chance of aligning with the services provided by Foxtel and Bigpond.

There's alanh's world and then there is the world the rest of us live in. Fortunately for us the two shall never meet. Perhaps rather than digging that hole deeper and deeper alanh, you do what you normally do and slink quietly off and hope no one notices that you've gotten things horribly wrong... again.

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The wiring of cable in new estates may not be connected to the NBN until the NBN goes past the entrance to the estate. The reason for the use of fibre is to be ready for the NBN which could be years away.

As I said there are lots of houses with dishes for Foxtel in most suburbs.

There are MATV systems which use fibre repeaters and distribution

I will get some more details soon on the new estates.


You made specific reference to Telstra Velocity estates with BigPond and Foxtel over fibre (which is being installed specifically in readiness for the NBN)... and that you "know someone who is in a very new estate and this is what has been done, they also carry free to air TV."

If it is just a neighbourhood MATV distribution system etc.... that has nothing to do with BigPond and Foxtel in Telstra Velocity estates via the NBN fibre rollout.

Considering you know someone in this 'very new estate' why can't you say exactly where that estate is?

Nobody has denied the existence of individual estates with MATV distribution via fibre... but you specified Telstra Velocity estates, with BigPond and Foxtel which are designed for the NBN, which you say 'could be years away'.

The NBN being years away (in many areas, even though fibre in the estates is currently being installed) is about the only factual information you've mentioned.

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Why alanh chooses to "lecture" DTV Forum members on topics of which he has only a fragmentary knowledge, mystifies me.

I find that even my own extremely casual knowledge of cable distribution of Foxtel, when supplemented by 5 minutes of Google searching, is enough to show me that the bulk of alanh's posts in this thread contains false, or at best misleading, information.

Others much more knowledgeable than myself in the subject area of HFC and satellite provision of Foxtel have provided more specific information in this thread for the enlightenment of alanh and other readers. Why alanh hasn't gratefully and gracefully accepted the guidance of these more knowledgeable individuals (e.g. davmel) escapes me.

It is particularly perplexing to understand why alanh has gone down this path of, publicly on this forum, getting facts about Perth so terribly wrong when it is considered he apparently resides in a northern suburb of Perth, and when he purports to have "industry contacts". Why can I, living in Brisbane, with no industry contacts, find information through Google about Perth so readily, that contradicts the bulk of alanh's posts? Why can't he do a little bit of internet searching and apply some common sense? For example there are odd posts available on Whirlpool many years old that refer to an extensive HFC network being laid in Perth, but to only parts of it ever being connected. There is no reason to doubt the veracity of such posts. These posts have been available for viewing for years.


It seems to me that the fact Optus was apparently denied permission to lay overhead cables in Perth in the mid 1990s meant that Telstra had no competitor. There would have been no need for Telstra to complete the provision of underground HFC in Perth (e.g. using Telstra's existing underground ducts) when Foxtel subscribers could simply be asked to obtain satellite dishes. In contrast in Brisbane, in suburbs with power poles, Optus still use overhead HFC cable extensively, and Telstra competes with an extensive connected network of largely underground HFC. I am speculating here about Perth and if I am wrong perhaps someone will correct me.

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