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High End Audio System - System update!

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Just completed another system upgrade so I thought I would post some new pics.

Added a high rez source (Apple) to my DAC.

Anyone is welcome to pop by and have a listen!

Please PM me to arrange a time.


Stereo audio and home theater are separated and both are on separate power lines which are wired directly to mains power.



dCS Puccini SACD/CD player

dCS Puccini U-Clock

Ayre KX-R Pre-amp

Ayre MX-R Monoblock amps

Vandersteen 5A speakers

2 X Ayre L-5xe power filters

13’ Apple MacBook Pro 2.7 GHz with OCZ VERTEX 2 Series (MLC) 120GB SSD

Decibel music player software

DataTale PAIR 2-Bay FireWire 800, USB, eSATA 2.5-in RAID Enclosure with 2X1TB 2.5” Hitachi HDD


Audioquest Eagle Eye 72V DBS BNC 75 Ohm digital cable

Audioquest Everest 72V DBS speaker cable in bi-wire configuration

Audioquest WEL William E Low Signature Cable Balanced interconnect 72V DBS

Audioquest Diamond 72VDBS USB Cable

Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder 72VDBS 75 Ohm Digital Cable

Audioquest Diamond 72VDBS FireWire Cable

Richard Gray Power Company High Tension Wire power cables


Solid Tech Rack of Silence equipment rack with suspension shelves

Solid Tech Feet of Silence isolators under SACD/CD player

Ayre myrtle wood blocks used under other equipment and also under interconnect and power cables to ensure they are raised above floor

Silent Running Audio "Ohio Class" Audio isoBASE custom made amp stands for the Ayre MX-R Monoblock amps

Cardas XLR and RCA caps on unused inputs/outputs

Furutech Rhodium power receptacles

Sine and Furutech power cover plates

Furutech sound diffusers

Nylon Pile Carpet

Ayre IBE sweep CD

Home Theater (in addition to above):


Marantz AV8003 surround sound processor

Rotel RB 1080 2 channel amp

Richard Gray Power Company 1200 power conditioner

Panasonic DMP-BD35 Bluray player

Panasonic DVD recorder and HDD

XBOX 360 Elite

Thiel SCS3 surround speakers

Pioneer PDP-LX509A Plasma monitor (ISF calibrated)


Audioquest King Cobra balanced interconnects

Audioquest HDMI cables, rear speaker cable


Solid Tech Rack of Silence equipment rack

Wall mounted speaker stand for rear surround speakers

Edited by darthlaker
System change!

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Looks amazing and bet it sounds pretty darn good. Would be most useful I imagine to provide a (rough) location on whereabouts this is :)


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Well set up , hard to imagine it sounding better then the Thiel system!!

Catch you soon.....:)

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Hmm... let's see 4 posts already, 1 from each capital city. We seem to be missing Brisbane... Sweepstakes anyone?

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Very nice indeed.

Those are serious speaker cables you've got there...........:)

I wonder if anybody else on SNA has a pricier pair.........

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Great looking system there darthlaker , esp like the look of the equipment rack , you will have to excuse my ignorance but " Ayre myrtle wood blocks

under interconnect & power cables to keep them raised above the floor ".

Could you clarify the reasoning on this ?

Edited by Willow

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Thanks guys for your kind comments.

The wood blocks are a cheap tweak I read about from Charles Hansen who is the CEO of Ayre Acoustics.

It's more relevant to people with carpeted floor. You can use wooden blocks from a game called Jenga (Target etc will sell it and it's pretty cheap).

Raise all speaker, power and interconnect cables from the floor, every foot or though. See if it makes a difference!

The Ayre blocks under components also change the sound. Who knows why!

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I to have the myrtle wood blocks (actually the Cardas ones which are way cheaper than the Ayre ones) and imo they work!!!

Love the look of your system and would liove to have a listen, where are you based?

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