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Anamorphic Lens Seminar

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Test Patterns

Just a note re. Test patterns while I'm posting....

I've decided to offer FREE OF CHARGE emailed test patterns that I use for calibrating projectors and anamorphic lenses. The patterns projectors provide for focusing are awful, nearly useless. These patterns have been designed by myself to show the true state of focus of any system. They are 1080 x 1920, lossless JPG format.

The test patterns are as follows:

1. 30 pixel grid plus single pixel checkerboard test pattern

This consists of 30 pixel grid squares with single pixels checkerboarded throughout (i.e. Nyquist frequency), The test pattern comes in green channel only and white. Each pattern has vertical and horizontal center marks along the edges, as well as a cross in the exact center of the screen.

2. Single Pixel "Wickerwork" pattern (Green channel only)

This is a variation on the single pixel theme, except that the pixels are in a squared format, rather than checkerboarded. When you look at pixel tiling the effect is of "wickerwork", hence the name.

3. Single Pixel "Black Dots" (Green channel only)

The inverse of pattern "2" above. Very useful for overall focus inspection.

4. All purpose Anamorphic Test Pattern (Full color and gray scale)

Contains a grid, single pixel pitched dots, checkerboard pattern, random colors as well as a model's face for skin tones, plus greys and alignment marks. Circles in this pattern are "egg-shaped" - 3 wide by 4 deep - and should anamorphose out to "circular" circles.

5. Aspect ratio test pattern

Shows all aspect ratios to the nearest pixel, from 4:3 to 2.76:1. Useful for setting up zoom extents on a screen.

6. ANSI Test Pattern - 16 checkerboarded rectangles

Note: you need proper gear for this, to measure contrast.

Anyone wanting to obtain these should send me a PM. You must have a way of displaying JPG files. Many players, plus Play Stations have this capability straight off a memory stick.

Don't forget: FREE OF CHARGE.

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I concurr

The image was nothing short of breathtaking, at any distance.

This ate the $250,000 system on show at the CES Melbourne event.

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LCT is 33% of the value in excess of the threshold excluding GST. GST is then applied to the car value + LCT. An effective rate of 50% on top of GST is basically impossible as the LCT has a mathematical limit of around 30%. For example, a car costing $10,000,000 has an LCT amount of a bit less than $3M.

Of course, there's a 5% import duty applied before any of the above is calculated, but that still leaves a lot of markup for the importer, a lot more in fact than any of the applicable taxes.

Thank you for your attention.


I know for a fact the Rolls Royce phantom is $1mill here. You can drive out of a dealership in the states for $320k. Explain that!

Have to agree with Owen on the car tax point!

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An inspiring review of the setup Alcheringa! I wish I had the opportunity to see (And hear) it for myself.

"'Scope cinema as it was meant to be seen. Tiny, tight pixels, using all the DLP panel, a bright sharp image with great depth, and a sound system that made you feel you were in movie heaven. Which, of course, you were"



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Sorry Owen and you other anamorphic doubters, but this was an inspiring set-up.

I'm not a doubter mate, I just didn't and still dont see any advantage in an "A" lens for my use. If I did I would be sure to purchase one of your fine lenses.

The biggest problem I have with digital projectors is their poor native contrast ratio, the Sim2 being a DLP has similar CR to a good LCD flat panel TV. I find that level of performance totally unacceptable and always will.

The top end JVC has the best native CR in the digital projector world by a factor of about 10 over the nearest competitor and I still consider that a long way from good enough. The high lumens, which is the main attribute of the Sim2, is of no use to me.

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Anyone wanting test patterns, please be aware of the following.


I was having too much trouble with the size of the email attachments being rejected either by my ISP or the recipient's.

Go to http://xeitoptics.com/test-patterns/

They're all there. Take your pick.



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