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I have a different take on the fan cooled solution.

Fans and the heat sinks they cool are susceptible to clogging with dust over time, and the fans will eventually fail. Both situations cause overheating well above designed operating temperatures and failures.

The Samsung approach is to use the back panel as a passive heat sink, this means the back will get hot, but so what its supposed to. There are no internal heat sinks to get clogged up or fans to fail and make noise.

I'm a Panasonic owner, the fans in my 65VT60 are silent but I will have to keep and eye on dust accumulation.

Thanks for chiming in Owen. Rest assured as I was told by the Pana tech that if the fans fail on any Pana set the set will go into error mode hence warning you of malfunction.

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Thanks DK. After some back an forth with Samsung they've now agreed to a full refund. Purchased set in Feb 2011 so I'm happy with that.

Another option was exchange for a current model. They use a pro rata valuation of my old set and their RRP for new set. Not a good deal.

Samsung said no stock of 60" F8500 and only five of the 64". No more stock coming, new models released in April.

Rather than wait for refund I grabbed a 60" ST60 on Thursday.



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I guess it had to happen eventually - my PS58C7000 has the dreaded pink/purple haze and I have booked it in for a service through an extended warranty with HN. Shame no more 60" F8500s are available - hopefully the new model continues to improve (even if only slightly) from each preceeding model and by the time I am likely to sort through the hassle of an 'effective' repair and more probably need for replacement then the new model will be ready.

I note my extended warranty states '...we will replace your orginal item with an item that is the nearest equivalent (when it was new)...' and that 'if the same component fails 3 or more times ... we will repace the item' so hopefully that bodes well for a reasonable outcome and for the investment in the warranty (which I took out because of the early indications of possible problems with this series).

Anyone have any good hints in dealing with a HN extended warranty process?

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