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Movies You Watched Recently And Felt Strongly About

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Superbad is probably the funniest film I've seen in ages.

Could not agree more, those guys just keep getting better.

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He seems like a bit of a wordsmith d-train, couldn't he dumb it down for us who are not so "intellectual" :D

Yeah I dont think youll find any hugh grant flicks reviewed there either. :P

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Yeah I dont think youll find any hugh grant flicks reviewed there either. :P

Damn, where will I go now..... ;)

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Could not agree more, those guys just keep getting better.

For a "dumb" movie it's very smart and, of course, really really funny. I crack up just thinking about McLovin! :D

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For the Love of the Game

Its been a while, but this one caught me by surprise on how much feel good factor I could get out of a Kevin Costner movie.

Its quite by the book, throw in a baseball game (Costner's third movie on this), add the human factor and some romance, and pile on the perfect game and you have the recipe for a nice movie.

Plot: its simple, using flashbacks to good effect, with a decent supporting cast working well together, and decent chemistry between the actors. Kelly Preston still looks fine and gives a good account of herself. 4/5

Action: this mainly a talkie, and the baseball scenes add some excitement, but its no Die Hard 3/5

Chick Factor: grand dame Kelly Preston is fine wine and I would be happy to seen on a date with her 3.5 / 5

Rent Buy or forget it: I went ahead and got the HD DVD of this show, enough said.

Made before Spiderman, Sam Raimi proves to be a diverse talent producing such efforts in between the bubble gum comic book productions. 4/5

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I'd like to recommend Dead Mans Shoe's

It's been out a while ,but still a fantastic movie.

It's a british film about an older brother looking out for his younger brother,simply put.

It's a deep powerful film that has stuck in my mind.


If anyone has seen it ,what's your opinion?


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National Treasure II - Books of Secrets

Most of the time folks tell you the sequel is worse than the first. There are some exceptions, eg Spiderman II, Godfather etc

But as a rule don't expect much, and with this spirit I went to see this movie tonight.

Know that this is a light-hearted, PG remix in the vein of Indian Jones, san blood, sex and gore, all good for the family.

It manages to combine a good dose of action with humor, and some love interest as well. The sidekick is well used, and the co-stars do their job well. The editing is tight and the plot moves along, even if there are some holes in logic and plot.

As for the video and sound quality, I saw this at Vivo city and the picture quality was pretty good although having seen hi def, a large screen can actually be worse.

For a new production, there is ample use of the surround channels, esp certain scenes where a sound revolves around your head, and there a generous use of mid-bass (the thump in the chest sort) although genuine deep bass isn't really part of the plot. There are enough explosions, and car crashes to keep the subwoofer busy.

So my verdict:

Plot : 3/5

Video: 3/5

Sound: 3.5/5

Babe factor (only one real babe Diane Kruger and she has not done a lot of work ) - 3.5 /5

Should you watch this?

Yes, and you can bring a family or a lady

Should you buy a hi def disc of this?

Worth considering either as a rental or a keeper

3.5 out of 5

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The Condemned

MTV meets WWF meets Survivor meets Lost, throw in a few muscle men, a couple of eye candy sorts and add the WWF sanctioned hero. Mix in lots of action, explosions and killing. Add gore and blood generously. Stir in up in close quarter filming, high definition filming and decent sound engineering. Viola! A hit!

Plot: actually it works better than a few other similar WWF efforts. This is still better than Marine and the idea of a longer ranger fighting off the bad guys and surviving til the end to return to the weeping obligatory chick seems almost believable. Of course the SAS chappie loses to the ex Delta Force guy, and the bad buy get its in the end. Jerry Bruckheimer couldn't do better. 3.5/5

Action: heaps of it, and the DD EX soundtrack or lossless Blu Ray is of reference quality. 4/5

Chick factor: ok there is a bit of eye candy, but somehow the gore makes looking at the ladies difficult 3.5/5

I would say this is a decent rental at least and if you don't mind the gore, the explosions are good for a demo.

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Anyone for Ninja movies?

Actually this one is more than the usual chop chop flick. There is an element of a Romeo and Juliet story, mixed with anime bits and decent fighting scenes. Those who follow Japanese Manga will appreciate the details put into this production and those who are looking for a window into Japanese action movies can do a lot worse.

Plot : classic boy meets girl who belongs to the enemy plus showdown at Ok Corral with mystical Ninja powers mixed into a story which is pretty well edited. 4/5

Action: not the Jet Li stuff and there is CGI, but nonetheless a commendable effort 3.5/5

Chick factor: the fair porcelein smooth complexion of the typical Japanese lady does it for me 4/5

Rent buy or forget it: The BR version comes with a Tru HD soundtrack and the colors of autumn blaze out of your screen. For 11 USD from amazon, you can easily own this and decide if this genre is your thing.

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I travel a lot and I love watching movies in general and even though I only get a tiny screen in cattle class, it still beats paying through my nose at Reading.

This is a trial post, since I am not sure which forum suits movie reviews best...

I won't try and comment on the PQ or AQ since it was through a puny airline headset.


I can see potential for surround effects and demo material, but the plot was quite lame and the ending was as controversial as the press said. Actually no, it was quite zzz....

Plot - paper thin, and wooden acting for someone who is capable of more -- 2.5 / 5

Action - a little but I guess it wasn't the main thing -- 3/5

Chick factor - looow -- 1 /5

Rent buy or forget it -- worth a rent since I saw Omega Man

There will be blood:

This was supposed to be a wonderful show of acting, but somehow it didn't hit the spot at all. Not slick enough....

Plot - its about an oilman -- 2.5/5

Action - huh? -- 1/5

Chick factor -- 0

Rent buy or forget it - rent once for the hype and laugh over it

No country for old men:

Again didn't do it, the whole evil man was only good to show Javiar's acting which was good, and Josh Brolin put in a credible performance too, but the plot was too twist and dark for me.

Plot -- 3.5/5

Action -- 3/5

Chick factor -- 0

Rent - maybe

It just goes to show how FEW good movies are being made at the moment,i mean the ones that leave you thinking "what an entertaining movie".

When i do see a good one,i know it will be a while before the next one comes along.

I did really enjoy "No country for old men" and 'Michael Clayton",and am looking foreward to the new "X-Files"



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No big long reviews, but I did see two movies that have just come out and will see "The Happening" today so....

The Hulk

It was okay, it kept me watching, only just.

Special effects were great, movie was the hulk.

Tim Roth and William Hurt were good, Edward Norton was ok as Banner.

The most intriguing part of the movie was the last 30 seconds, looks like this movie will be a franchise mixed with another......(no spoilers here people)

You Dont mess with the Zohan

Adam Sandler movie, more of a smile laugh than any big HA HA's throughout.

This movie was funny enough I guess, but not his best movie by a long shot, if you've seen the trailer you've seen the movie.

If you dont want to think for an hour and a half its not terrible, Adam Sandler fans will enjoy it. I am a fan, but I thought it was so-so.

Really looking forward to the Happening, hopefully it will measure up.

Oh and have got premiere tickets to Get Smart so hopefully will be able to let you know about that shortly as well.

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Storm Warning

This is the latest film from Jamie Blanks, director of Urban Legend. 100% made in Melbourne. If you love horror/splatter films you will love this. A young yuppy couple head out on a boating trip only to get lost and wind up at a farm owned by one of the freakiest and nastiest families I have seen. They terrorize the couple until the chick decides enough is enough and revenge must be had. Worth seeing just to watch what she does to the old bastard.

This film is not for the faint hearted, but you will find yourself barracking for the heroin.

You can find it at JB. It was released without any fanfare. This is bound to be an Australian genre cult classic.

Check it out and support Australian films

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Ok just finished watching this so here goes one more....

The Happening

Ok so M Night's movies are weird, this was no exception.

Cant really say much without spoilers, it really was different, but he still manages to keep your attention.

Not something I would rush out to see, but I am a fan of his work and I'm glad I saw it.

Of the three brand new movies I saw this weekend, this, Hulk and Zohan, I'm not sure what was best or worst, what does that say about the movies coming out at the moment????

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Horror time

I saved up a whole heap of horror type movies for this weekend so here is my very quick review on the lot.

Day of the dead - 2 out of 5. Im a big fan of the dawn movies and although I didnt think this would be as good, I heard it was still a classic. The movie took forever to get going and hence was generally boring. Only at the end did we see some zombie hunting. Very dissapointing.

Disturbia - 3 out of 5. More a teen flick ( I wasnt expecting this) and had no twists and turns but was very predictable. Entertaining but not much else.

Wolf Creek - 3.5 out of 5. I had big expectations for this one after the hype. Maybe I was already desensitised by the other movies but I didnt find this as disturbing or shocking as what I was told. Never the less it was quite entertaining for a low budget movie. Some great shots of the outback. SA of course. ;)

Hostel 2 - 3.5 out of 5. A bit of a surprise packet for me as this movie was widely condemned. Athough it follows the same theme as number 1 it still twists a bit at the end and I found it quite enjoyable.

Planet Terror - 4.5 out of 5. A great movie from the Grindhouse series. Hot girls, guns and lots of blood. A fun movie and great entertainment. I nearly gave it a 5 but that would be perfection.

Death Proof - 4.5 out of 5. The other Grindhouse offering and again excellent. I didnt know were this one was going but it ended up being excellent. My only gripe stopping it getting a 5 was the scenes with both groups on girls went on and on and on with them babbling on. The near 2 hour movie could have been cut down taking out that rubbish.

The Devils Rejects - 4 out of 5. The follow up to house of a 100o corpses and very good. These were the only characters out of all the movies that gave me the creeps. Well done to Zombie. A just ending to the movie also.

Snakes on a Plane - 3.5 out of 5. A bit of fun and something different. Not a classic but entertaining.

Edited by The D-train

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Good list D-train, have to agree with Death Proof & Planet Terror both excellent, thought Rose McGowan's gun leg was a cracker :D

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