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Panasonic Th42/50px80a Owners Thread

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Another hiccup on mine, I was unplugging component cables at the back of the TV and when I plugged them back in could not get a picture at all. Thought it was the PVR that had stuffed up so I power cycled it and still nothing. Then a few minutes later I got a fantastic green screen full of noise (kind of like the analogue tuner snow except green). Checked all the other inputs and the same thing - a big green mess, no picture or sound.

Then I power cycled the TV and now it's fine again :wacko:

Not sure how much faith I have left in Panasonic at this stage, all I can say is I'm glad I've got an extended warranty.

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Green screen full of noise routine. I have had this happen with my XW300 recorder where I have turned it on and got the green screen. Happened twice, both time the recorder was recording 2 programs at the same time. Turned it off. When I turned it back on after it had finished recording everything was ok. The recorded programs were unaffected. The other issue I had with the XW300 was that you could turn it on and off but could not do anything else. This seemed to happen at random. Fixed by turning off then on again. 3 Month ago I disabled the Vera Link function in the menu of my 42PX80A and I have not had any problems with my recorder sense. As for my 42PX80A, have had no issues in the 12 months that I have had it. Not that it gets used a lot.

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I have done a greyscale and colour calibration on my 50PX80A using an i1 display LT and thought I would share my settings and results. Keep in mind that my settings may not look the same on your TV as there could be differences in picture between TV's.

Service Menu Settings



G-CUT 80






COLOR 27 (for SD)

COLOR 2B (for HD)

User Menu Settings

Picture Mode: Normal

Contrast: 30 (produces 18.5ftl on 100% window)

Brightness: 50 (bars just visible on pluge pattern)

Colour: 41 (any higher than this produces an oversaturated red according to the i1)

Sharpness: 24 (no ringing on DVE sharpness pattern)

Note that if you change the Contrast, Brightness or Picture Mode, it will affect the greyscale tracking significantly , requiring recalibration.

Greyscale on my set:


Those are IRE greys btw, not % grey (forgot to change it in colorHCFR :)).

So, how does the picture look now? I can gladly say the colour is HEAPS better than before. The picture looks distinctly more realistic and natural. Previously it had a strong blue tint (but you wouldn't know unless you've seen proper white). I feel that I am seeing more subtle variation in colour than before. The colour of white and grey are pretty much spot on throughout the greyscale, however some of the colours (notably greens and skin tones) are still quite off. I put this down to Panasonic using some sort of vivid wide gamut colour matrix, which cannot be corrected due to lack of colour management controls. Overall it was definitely worth the purchase of the i1, I would highly recommend it.

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Just a correction regarding the colour setting: I have since learned that it is better to set colour using 75% saturation windows instead of 100% windows. So, using 75% windows the colour should be set as follows:

User Menu

Colour 50

Service Menu

Color 22 (for SD)

Color 27 (for HD)

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These are my final settings after several weeks calibrating the 50PX80A. The main difference is the Contrast level is now increased to 30ftL peak white (the minimum it should be according to the pros). Previously I had it at 18.5ftl.

Service menu


Color 21 (for SD)

Color 27 (for HD)


R-CUT 87

G-CUT 80

B-CUT 80




User Menu

Picutre Mode: Normal

Contrast 46

Brightness 50

Colour 50 (can be reduced according to taste, currently I have this on 49)

Sharpness 24

Colour Management Off

P-NR Off

I don't have the greyscale graph with me but it's basically DE < 3 from 0-80% except there is too much blue in 80-90-100 which I can't correct. This causes the bright whites to look slightly blueish with a DE of between 5 and 10.

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