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Samsung Lcd 40in Problem (56k Warning)

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Okay, I apologise for spam in the offtopic forum, i needed to build up posts to be allowed to create new topic. again, I apologise.

here is my problem.

Okay. tv is a 40inch HD LCD, over a year old.

This problem hasn't been there the entire time, it is a new occurence.

it should be noted the problem disappears completely after the tv has been on for 1-5mins.

some pictures, taken STRAIGHT after i've turned it on, with no inputs turned on.




ok, so as you can see it looks like i have HEAPS of problem pixels, but, as you can see, they only fill a portion of the screen, like a certain resolution. so whatever is causing it, is broadcasting this problem at a certain resolution. i.e. its not RANDOM.

okay so now some photos after about 2 mins and I am now browsing the TV menu, NOT the set top box menu. as you can see, there are problem pixels in the TV menu itself but not in the picture behind it.



i haven't shifted the camera in this one, but have removed the TV menu and am now watching the broadcast from the HD set top box


and some more of TV gui



so after 1-5mins all the coloured pixels are back to normal on the main area of the display, but if i access TV gui menus, i have the problem on the menus themselves, all the time.

this is a pic of the HD set top box menu, independent of the tv, and as you can see, no dramas here.


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