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Panasonic Pz Series Group Buy

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i have a mate who works at GGs mile end... will ask him just to tee one up for me i think... as this GB has turned into a complete waste of time for ppl in states besides NSW...

I know they had stock last week locally when i asked... shame the GG store sorting the GB couldnt be half assed organising there end of the bargain.... I guess this will be a lesson learnt by future GB organisers... dont deal with Good Guys as the are mostly FOS

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G'day folks,

I've finally received my television, but not from my local store as expected from the group buy. I called MM Thursday night 7 Feb and spoke to him. He advised all other stores are filling backorders with any TVs they get, and probably won't have any spare for the group buy for another couple of shipments - maybe a month or so away?

He advised that their store had managed to get a hold of an abnormal number of screens (16 I think from memory) and he had something like 8 left and that if I wanted he could get a quote in the morning to ship it from Sydney to me (6hrs drive north of Brisbane). I got the quote next morning (first email I'd received from either MM or BF, after umpteen emails!) for around $250 for freight. I decided to go for it, because the price still works out on par with what other folks are paying for the screen. Left Sydney 11/02/08 and arrived here yesterday 15/02/08.

I do criticise the communication (or lack thereof) between MM/BF and customers, but understand this was a mammoth task and do concede that it was never going to run smoothly for all. I do note that it seems to have been much easier to contact MM by phone over the last couple of weeks, even if he was away for a few days earlier this week.

mrmaxwell, thanks for organising the price for us and opening the communication lines to the store. If nothing else, it's certainly saved some time in haggling.

Oh, and the TV (50") is epic in stature.

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So over the last 3 months, not one TV has been sourced out of Panasonic or any other store other than MM,s :unsure::rolleyes::wacko::blush::blink:

Obviously a well organised GB

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