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Mtf Of Blu-ray/hd-dvds

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Interesting. I presume both scenes are static, i.e there is no slow panning across the stars, or across the map.

I don't have a copy of Doom on HD-DVD, myself.

[An HD-DVD movie I have that shows a computer screen is 'the Holiday' but from memory I don't think the computer screen appears with one-pixel sharpness.]

The first one with the stars is a motion shot. The camera moves downwards, so the stars move up the screen. This is why some of the stars are two/three pixels in a row running north/south. There are bigger ones and even noticed ones that are a block of six(two high) with a single pixel above the middle two.....there are numerous other combinations

The second one is a animated display with static portions.

cheers :)

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The 2005 movie Batman Begins was broadcast on Ch 9 HD last Saturday night. It was in surround sound and the picture quality was impressive.

I don't have any attempted MTF measurements but to see a comparison between a particular frame as

an HD-DVD,

off-air as captured in Brisbane,

and from a DVD version,

see post #23 in the Son Of The Mask & Batman Begins thread.

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