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Official Aus 'sony Bravia X Series' Calibration Thread

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Hi there guys,

Totally new here and in a bit of a pickle at the moment, please help!

I recently bought a Bravia 46" xbr and a Sony 6.1 AV Receiver with HDMI and home theatre things. A couple of things are bothering me:

I would like to watch Foxtel and normal TV wieving without having the AV receiver ON all day, and only when watching DVD of BD's plus the occasional "live" entertainment.

The settings for this got me buggered and I dont seem to get much right except that I can watch Foxtel and whatever else ONLY by having the AV receiver ON all the time.

Also during the setting up, the Bravia tells me there's no HDMI device connected when the bloody thing is up and running!!! Do I have a crook HDMI cable? I paid a hundred dollars for it, but it may not mean anything huh?

If someone could post me a small diagram, I should be able to copy it quite quickly and I would be much obliged to anyone doing this for me.

Thank you all for your attention :rolleyes:

I assume you are using the AVR to upscale the Foxtel video and pass it through HDMI to the TV. You should note that only the latest Sony ES series AVR (such as 5400) will pass the audio for upscaled sources. I have the 5300ES and there's a small note in the manual about this. Besides which, if the AVR is off then it will pass nothing to the TV :)

My solution to this is to connect the Foxtel box to the TV (preferably using component video and optical audio) this will give you Foxtel audio and video on the TV without needing the AVR powered on.

If you feed the optical output of the TV back to the AVR you can then have the Foxtel audio coming out your surround system whenever you wish.

There is another advantage to this: The calibration settings for a Foxtel (component) video are very different from those of a DVD or Blu-ray source. So, by feeding Foxtel video to the TV you can optimise the calibration independently of the higher-quality sources coming through the AVR.

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Thanks for the files. Now that I have worked out how to format a USB to FAT16, why is that necessary?

It's just a limitation of the TV's software - it'll only recognise a FAT16-formatted USB stick.

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Some users say having cinema drive and motion enhancing off would makes motion even smoother..................what's everyone's findings here? What should I be using for FTA TV programs ? I am using standard for motion enhancer and auto 2 for cinema drive.........Any opinions ?


Not suprising no one has replied to this question as everyone has their different theory. However after owning a 46X for about 7 months now & doing extensive testing to the point that its almost broken, i have discoverd the following>>

HD FTA movies & anything else shot on film (Neighbours/Home & Away etc) ... 'Cinema Drive' on 'Auto 1' & 'Motion Enhancer' 'Normal'

HD FTA Sport & things shot on Video (Rove/Sunrise/Idol etc) ..... ' Cinema Drive' on 'Auto 2' & 'Motion Enhancer' Off

PS3 Bluray & Gaming .... both 'Off' (mucks with 24hz playback) & along with DRC mode introduces lag to gaming.

Austar... Doesnt seem to be effected so much from show to show like FTA (put this down to crappy s-video) so i stay with 'CD' on 'Auto 2' & 'ME' Off.

Oppo DVD player... both off.

I must admit this is one of the most fiddly/confusing settings i have ever come across but id much rather have it than not & it defintiley has it advantages when applied correctly eliminating smearing & juddering. Good Luck :D

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Sweet thread guys - just joined so I'm gonna try out Zoidberg's settings first and see how I go!

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Display: SONY KDL 46 XBR (Unsure if thats the exact model, its the 46" Bravia XBR, 2007 era)

Sensor: DTP-94

Calibration S/w: Color HCFR w/ PAL / SECAM color space

Pattern Disc: HCFR DVD PAL Pattern Disc

Source: Yamaha DVD S1500

Interconnect: Component (Interlaced)

Setting 1: Very neutral / natural looking image

Custom (achieves 60ftl w/1.9-2.2 Gamma)

Backlight: 3

Picture: 80

Brightness: 47

Colour: 50

Color Temperature: neutral

Sharpness: 50

Noise Reduction: off

MPEG Noise Reduction: off

DRC: off

Advanced Menu:

Black Corrector: High

Advanced Contrast Enhancer: Low

Gamma: off

Clear white: off

Colour space: standard

Live colour: off

White balance menu:

Red Gain: -4

Green Gain: 0

Blue Gain: -15

Red Bias: 0

Green Bias: 0

Red Bias: -6

Detail Enhancer: off

Edge Enhancer: off

Auto LED Backlight: OFF

Powersaving: OFF

This was really fiddly to get to an acceptable level, and MUCH different to the X3100 id done previously, the gamma on the XBR was horrible out the box with very steep spikes at around 70 and 90 IRE (off the scale into the low 1's) the luminance curve was horrid too LOL.

I had to enable the black corrector and the adv. contrast enhancer to tame the gamma curve, which is still too low (in the 1.9's low ire's and only achieving 2.2 in the 90 IRE zone).. Not perfect, but no where near as bad as it was.

Colorwise, again, different to the X3100 but not by much in the end once i'd tamed the other settings.

This image is very bright, and upon reviewing the readings, i'd recommend dropping the backlight level down to 2 - my laptop was reading low, but I just rechecked the file and the ftl levels are porbably too high for comfortable viewing at night..

I'd rekon this might have needed some fiddling in the sevice menu to get right, but I dont have the book for this one, so kept to the user-accessable controls (which are pretty good on the bravias).

CIE chart was almost exactly the same as the x3100

Hope these settings help someone out :)

Graphs, Charts, Curves and Measurements available here



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